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It’s on August 21st, 2017

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38 Replies to “HOW TO WATCH THE ECLIPSE (AND SHADOW SNAKES) – Smarter Every Day 171”

  1. This is Gordon the developer of Solar Eclipse Timer checking in with you.
    – I want to thank everyone for the comments here as well as the great reviews on the app stores, I appreciate it! The comments that indicate an understanding of the difficulty in developing and delivering an app to the public are noted. It does require a passion for the subject and the project. The comments that discuss the fact that this video and my app have made you even more enthusiastic about this eclipse are special to me, those are gratifying and an inspiration. My goal is to make this eclipse successful for people! I want everyone to enjoy the partial phase phenomenon, have exact timing for photography and eye safety, look for shadow bands and look at the 360-degree horizon. That is what I designed my app to do, "talk" you through a solar eclipse!.
    – Destin is a great guy and it was really fun doing this project with him. I appreciate the opportunity to make solar eclipse education, one of the Smarter Every Day series of videos. He is a very talented video editor, he made this a very educational video and told my story about developing a "talking" solar eclipse timer in an entertaining way. He works really hard on the Smarter Every Day videos, I saw the dedication first hand! I can't thank him enough!
    – I also want to mention my programmer, Tony Boster, also from Alabama. We started this project last August. Every development idea I came up with, he made work. Destin has an international following, so in the past 48 hours, we had downloads in many foreign countries. Some Android phones that were running a foreign language as the primary language caused some crash issues. Tony figured them out and fixed the problems and we released 2 version updates for Android in 36 hours. He has worked hard to make sure we had a stable app for everyone around the world. If anyone needs a US based mobile device programmer for iOS and/or Android I highly recommend Tony. Contact him via The link is also located on the information screen of the app.
    – Thanks, Gordon

  2. Justin Brown says:

    Aye I live in hendersonville

  3. Karl Meier says:

    I found a book that describes the cause of the shadow bands. It is American Eclipse, by David Baron. On page 181 he says, The cause of these ripples is the same that makes stars twinkle — currents of warm and cold air that bend light as it passes through the atmosphere."

  4. Shawn Johns says:

    The totality for the 2024 eclipse is almost directly over my house…

  5. thank you Destin you truly are an inspiration, because of you I went to nashville from chicago and totality absolutely made me speechless

  6. Arpit Singh says:

    Where is the video of shadow bands ??

  7. I am in California Missouri and seen the ripples or waves on the ground. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

  8. cxle says:

    I️ literally live next to that hospital

  9. Prasad Gopi says:

    i wanted to buy 23andme but it does not sell that in India

  10. "Solar bands" looking like snakes makes me think of the Equinox on the Chichen Itza Pyramid. During the Equinox, the shadow of the sun going down the pyramid, looked like a Quetzalcoatl (Chief Aztec god, represented by a feathered serpent) descended the base of the pyramid. Maybe they saw it back in the day and that's why Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec god?….
    That was very cool!

  11. J D says:

    Just my luck the day of the eclipse I was at basic training and they wouldn’t let us go outside by orders of the brigade commander. We just kept on with m4 simulations…. ONLY FORT BENNING…..

  12. WolfGang says:

    it's not a doing idea to look directly at the sun in a total eclipse.

  13. M3CH1N3 says:

    Destin loves his family <3 :')

  14. Ryan Dupuis says:

    I heard it from you first

  15. Damien Acres says:

    To night is a lunar eclipse/blue moon/red moon/yellow moon

  16. Vanguard says:

    Hello I come from a a different galaxy and I have been among your species for sometime. The message I have for you and told to give u is this’s was a cool … during this phenomena visual light from this combined energy the sun and moon (totality) Is made up of intensity,”” frequency and vibration which forms the reality you experience in the third dimension? In this situation shadow snakes. You will experience a totality of this energy manifesting within the 3D physical plane giving you a taste of the 4th dimension. As the infinite universeLet me give further examples The shadow beings some of your people experience during what you humans call the witching hour at 3:16am have been increasing in frequency of occurance to your people may experience shadow beings approximately . visits from the shadow beings hat man otherwise known to your people as hat man and and also shadow snakes and other forms and also hits the equinox of this dimension and rea

  17. Michael Camp says:

    It took me so long but i was able to ss your snap code😂

  18. johnny green says:

    i just have to say, you rock for including the fireworks at the end

  19. I watched this in my science class and I live in brentwood that church is right next to the YMCA always go to

  20. Can Orbay says:

    Hey Destin! i watched the total solar eclipse in 1999 from turkey, my country and i honestly have to say that my mind was more blown by the shadow snakes than the eclipse itself because you kinda know what you're going to get with the eclipse, i mean at least you know what it looks like but i did not know anything about the shadow snakes and i was like "is this a thing?" or "what is this thing?" now that i have learned that it is rare and we still don't know how it happens i feel very lucky!

  21. Chris Musix says:

    I also saw the shadow snakes. I was unimpressed with those. The eclipse itself was amazing! Even saw solar prominences using a telescope.

  22. Jeff Heslop says:

    Hey so we didn’t get the full eclipse, I believe it was 80%. Why did it still look as a full circle. With the proper glasses you could see that it was just a sliver that was not covered

  23. Stan .Rarick says:

    Twenty, even thirty, years ago, eclipse aficionados were using computers to automate their cameras to control shot sequencing, aperture settings and shutter speeds (including bracketing).

  24. Ok, what I can think of when I think of creation of theese bands? Wheat field. I can see similar bands in a hot summer day, only very small. They are shadow of transpiring water vapor which is bending the light. You can see them over the field as a mirrage. Or moving air. But same thing is happening near furnace, the air is trembling. So my guess is that theese bands are mirrages of the surface of the sun on the surface on moon which we can still see.


  26. There's no Black sea on the map 3:02

  27. Thanks for sharing this! I looked for the shadow snakes at the 2017 eclipse and saw them both before and after the eclipse, and moving in the same direction as the moon across the sun. I hypothesize that they're caused by the very thin atmosphere on the moon. I would love to test this during the 2024 eclipse.

  28. This is so cool! I couldnt go to the US for this event, but these videos are as close to front row as you possibly can get! A million thanks, or better several millions of these thanks!!'!!!!

  29. P.A.D says:

    In Argentina and Chile We are very excited about the Solar Eclipse of 7-2-19

  30. I remember August 2017 near St. Louis I seen total eclipse for like a minute

  31. R.K. Moudgil says:

    😐😐😐 But …… ..Where is the eclipse ⁉️

  32. "Here's how to give up your exact location and your exact genetic makeup to the general public."

  33. firebearfl says:

    Well, I didn't see any snakes when I had the opportunity to witness the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse, but it was nonetheless a fantastic life experience.

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