WiFi232 Wireless Modem: BBS Fun on Retro PCs!

June 16, 2017 by 20 Comments

Ever wanted an easy way to get classic computers onto a Telnet BBS using a wi-fi network? This board by Paul Rickards lets you do just that on a wide variety of vintage machines! It’s like stepping back in time, man.

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20 Replies to “WiFi232 Wireless Modem: BBS Fun on Retro PCs!”

  1. LGR says:

    Small technical correction:
    I mixed up baud rate and bit rate a time or two. Like when I said I set it up using 1200 baud, I meant 1200 bit/s!

  2. Elmtree Line says:

    👍👍 Penis Wars 👍👍

  3. I sell my own wifi rs232 modems on TheOldNet store! I sell them for a reasonable price and they are open for modification. They are also in stock regularly.
    BTW LGR you might want to check out TheOldNet project that I made.

  4. Pentium says:

    I’d love this on pcmcia!

  5. mountain177 says:

    So. Question, can you still actually dial into a BBS through the phone line in 2020? I'm really wanting to get a Compaq portable or a desk pro, and I'm wanting to poke around on the BBSes at either 300 or 1200 baud.

  6. Now I have a reason to keep my free 400 hours of AOL!

  7. Sorry my dirty brain just telling me this timestamps

  8. MrGeekGamer says:

    This particular video spurred me onto learning more about electronics and I'm just about finished with my own version of this board.

  9. I don't know about bulletins, that is before my time, but when I was 7 years old I remember it was all about Mosaic.

  10. Theenemy38 says:

    I wonder if this would work on palm top pc like the Sharp Zarus or the Hp LX200????????

  11. Luna Walter says:

    Did anyone else notice the penis wars game?

  12. My first online experience was about the same time I was playing Hover in my Windows 95 pc. I feel glad for you!

  13. Testcard says:

    Is that only for BBS telnet connections or the machine is completely online (meaning any Internet clients, ftp, ssh for dos, irc, etc would work?)

  14. Caleb Garner says:

    would this work easily with a classic Mac (MacOS 7.5 for example)

  15. Caleb Garner says:

    this one is sold out.. but if anyone's looking for an alternative product, https://www.simulant.uk/shop/retro-vintage-computer-wifi-modem-rs232-serial-hayes-compatible super stoked that these work with Amiga's as well as C64s.. for about $60 shipped to the US. A reasonable price.

  16. I make and sell rs232 wifi modems. I keep them in stock and priced to move!

  17. Tom Pick says:

    Wonder if I could use this on my Ibm ps/2 55sx?

  18. Is it possible to use this thing to install Linux via a netinstall? I have an old Compaq DeskPro that I wanna make good use of :v)

  19. I bbs on a trs-80 model 4 with a lane line and a modem

  20. That little device is simply amazing. And kudos to the fellow who came up with it.