Fireworks vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet

A jumbo parachute and aerial firework vs a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter.
Happy Merica Day Everyone!

Send us something to cut open!!!

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30 Replies to “Fireworks vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. Kriticc says:

    LIKE I HAD A HOME 3:23

  2. cut a Xbox 360 controller

  3. dontai says:

    Can it cut through diamond

  4. R KÀDÉ says:

    Jaw breakers ????

  5. Frazer Canty says:

    Would be great to see old car parts cut open! we've seen an exhaust, would be great to see a turbo, brake discs and/or calipers or shock absorber etc cut open!

  6. Sean Acevedo says:

    Do a boxing glove


  8. Aim the water jet outside lets see how far it goes.

  9. Mathew Fedor says:

    can you do a yeti cup ?

  10. Make a vid showing on what do you work in the shop.

  11. Raidel says:

    wat do u put under it so it doesnt cut threw it

  12. oOoOoOo says:

    got some ideas. Keyboard. cameralens. a big battery. steak. plate. the yellowpages. Maybe you have done some of these not sure.

  13. Mike Orr says:

    This was a really good one.

  14. Kyzik22 says:

    How does the waterjet not break the metal tip of the machine the water comes out off??

  15. you should try to cut chuck norris

  16. ThrundaWolf says:

    I'll show you MY 3 and a half inch army man….

  17. Bottle of washing up soap please

  18. When he was saying white PowDER and the rest of the colors I thought he was saying White POWER Black Powder ETc

  19. Blue Reaper says:

    I can't find the song in the background please help😂

  20. Andrew /// says:

    Something soothing about you guys. It's really helping my hangover

  21. I just love the lack of workspace safety sometimes in these videos, give me a break from the thought of an orwellian state

  22. 221Dw says:

    Naughty boys

  23. "Oh no" is the best thing to hear right as fireworks go off

  24. Gigabyte says:

    Oh shit one of the "flaming balls" got revenge

  25. Sentine says:

    Isnt it sorta selfish of Americans to be basically celebrating their own country?

  26. KKbold says:

    Why would I have a water jet at home?

  27. Trixx Edits says:

    As a pyro this hurt me lol

  28. Kinkem says:

    Music used during the first cutting?

  29. Charles says:

    I think your doing it wrong! lol