LGR – Unboxing a New 17″ ViewSonic CRT Monitor

August 2, 2017 by 45 Comments

This is a new old stock Optiquest Q71 display from 2001! Viewsonic made some lovely tubes back in the day and I’ve wanted one for some time, so I bought this one still sealed. Testing with a Windows 98 PC!

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45 Replies to “LGR – Unboxing a New 17″ ViewSonic CRT Monitor”

  1. LGR says:

    Meant to bring it up in the video, but ViewSonic was famous for using a trio of colorful Gouldian finches to show off the vibrant color of their monitors. They often included wallpaper files on the disks, which were used to show them off in stores! Here's a great album of them:

  2. Awesome display. Had one of those back in the day.

  3. Chris Allan says:

    I wish they still made these

  4. gr3enbird says:

    I wish I could find a new Viewsonic for $75 πŸ˜›

  5. A perfect monitor for today’s gaming. I have Sony fw 900 with Nvidia 1080ti

  6. Evan Garcia says:

    Loved that monitor! Got one for a birthday gift back in the day!

  7. TheCgOrion says:

    That is a a beautiful thing. I wish I could get my hands on a new/old CRT. Especially in that late model smaller shell.

  8. warrax111 says:

    Watching this on 17'' crt Samsung Syncmaster monitor.

  9. Danny D says:

    β€žNice fresh power cord, that smells perfectβ€œ

    I know you like those smells but the delivery of that line still managed to crack me up.

  10. 5:00 watching this Pc starting with win98 make me very Nostalgic
    I got so much fun back in the time

  11. PHGamer says:

    where did you get it.

  12. B4nan0n says:

    What refresh rate have this monitor at 640×480? I love CRT because the response time and refresh rates!

  13. Is just like the one i had when i was a kid, sadly i haven't seen a Viewsonic in a looong time. Now i want one!

  14. aleckermit says:

    I'm on the hunt for one of these to hook my Wii up to via component-to-VGA.

  15. NotEvenOnce says:

    Nice I have a ViewSonic E70fb from 2004

  16. i have this monitor, but im using this asn an external monitor with my laptop.

  17. Clash of Clans on CRT Monitor tested.
    Download BlueStacks PC
    Download Clash of Clans in Play Store

  18. Carstuff111 says:

    I know this is an old video, but, I had a pair of 17 inch Viewsonic monitors, and while their native resolution was 1280×1024, they were only able to do 60Hz at their native resolution, and that gave me headaches. So, I just ran them both at 1024×768 to get the 85Hz refresh. Fast forward to now (February 2020) and I am SOOOO glad I have a monitor that has a native resolution of 2560×1440 that normally does 60Hz, but I can overclock it to as high as 120Hz. 80Hz however is plenty to keep the headaches at bay, and I know this monitor can run that safely for a long time.

  19. RAP64 says:

    My 14" CRT Monitor that I used for my Windows 98 desktop burnt out last month, may it rest in peace.

  20. Hugh Jaynis says:

    I found one of these new in box for 100 bucks locally, worth it?

  21. Sav says:

    when i was little, we had big projectors with the same little birds on the logo. i know it's the same company, i just have big nostalgia with those birds

  22. That footage of the computer looks much better than my old crt

  23. msa1985 says:

    The sound of those mouse clicks, those old keyboards..

  24. msd says:

    Surprised there isn't a company that makes new CRTs for retro game fans

  25. Ah 2001… My friend had an LCD monitor. I'm sure it was awful by today's standards but he was the only one in our high school and everyone was super jealous, it cost like $1000.

  26. Back when bezels were bezels…

  27. I was just gonna say the colors look better than a modern LCD, then I realized I was seeing them on my modern LCD…

  28. rorschach602 says:

    I think I had that exact same model, or one that was so close it can't tell the difference. That "box" you took off the base was for a USB hub (which I had). It was actually quite nice to keep a cramped desk open given the ridiculous size of CRTs.

  29. CF 3300 says:

    I would’ve set the scheme to Windows Standard [extra large] and enabled large icons.

  30. I miss 3D Maze πŸ˜’πŸ’”
    Wish Microsoft Remaster the 3D maze

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  32. Gold Shards says:

    I had a Dell Trinitron and it was good until in 2014, It broke πŸ™

  33. Jones Jose says:

    Lol i saw old imac

  34. Keith1212 says:

    I picked up a Mitsubishi 22" Diamontron off Fb marketplace a couple years ago for $25. It had two vga inputs as well. Just this week I found a Viewsonic P95F+ FOR FREE which is a 19" flat panel. No yellowing on either of these and they work amazing!

  35. Make me regret dump my old ViewSonic

  36. Salty Gaming says:

    Looking for fixes for mine it just started to go out screen turns yellow and a slight tap on the right side of it brings the colors back. Sad I hope I can find another one.

  37. The_CRT_Man says:

    i can't find one new so i maight have to get it used. Won't it not last a long time though?

  38. SteelRodent says:

    Didn't Viewsonic use Hitachi and NEC tubes? Don't remember them making their own, at least not universally.

  39. jason ramsey says:

    i just relised we live in the same state