Semi Auto Cow Farm TUTORIAL 1.13 | EASY , COMPACT

August 25, 2017 by 23 Comments

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Hello there! This is an automatic cow farm tutorial. Unfortunately
this design DOESN’t PRODUCE COOKED BEEF. It is, however, very easy to set up and could be a great source of raw beef & leather. It’s not a brand new design, but I’ve been getting some questions on it so here ya go! I’ve referred to it as automatic in a few videos, but i suppose TECHNICALLY it would be semi-automatic.

Check out ImpulseSV’s Video, It’s much more in depth :

This design should work in all versions of Minecraft newer than 1.11. (1.11 , 1.12 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch )

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23 Replies to “Semi Auto Cow Farm TUTORIAL 1.13 | EASY , COMPACT”

  1. wattles says:

    As requested, this is the exact farm I use in my Let's Play.


  2. GRUGG GAMING says:

    I have a hopper lead to a smoker which leads to a hopper which puts the meat into a double chest

  3. Oscar V says:

    Would chickens work too?

  4. artchic528 says:

    Wow! It's funny how young Wattles sounds in this older video. I'm not used to this!

  5. are they dying?

  6. Avraneel Pal says:

    Hey, i really find it difficult to feed both the cows in this manner and end up feeding the same cow over and over again. Any tips to avoid this? I use pocket edition

  7. Nope it dosent work in minecraft pe

  8. The second cow does not go in!😭

  9. Ghost Rider says:

    It does not go to the chest

  10. Do we need the wood prbly not right 🤣

  11. Do the cows have to be jumping up and down when you press the button? Im on ps3 btw and the cows just stand still above the water

  12. Minehunter says:

    How do people be like Hmm if I do this it's gonna work

  13. Ayla DeBord says:

    Does this work on Xbox one? The cows don’t seem to be breading

  14. Chicadoge says:

    You have come a long way.

  15. Does this work with chickens too?

  16. NarlepoaxIII says:

    Baby wattles is so cute.

  17. Lemonbomb27 says:

    How does it kill the cows for you to get items 🤔

  18. Y.and.M says:

    I tried this 100 times but the cows doesn't die when they're over 24 ?

  19. Nice it still works even after 3 years but the only thing is once you feed them to breed you need to remove the water so they can actually make baby cows

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