Simple Guardian Elevator | Minecraft [STILL works]

August 30, 2017 by 18 Comments

I made a simple elevator that transports guardians upwards based on their bouncy personalities. It could be used to move them into a turret and be able to shoot at nearby players. Enjoy!

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Rays Works


18 Replies to “Simple Guardian Elevator | Minecraft [STILL works]”

  1. Ronald Lin says:

    Good design for base

  2. How long til mumbo jumbo adds this to his base defense?

  3. nilsragnar says:

    This seems terribly laggy. I guess it's useful if you need to elevate guardians once in a while. But if you want an elevator for a farm using a netherportal and then dropping them down from there would be the way to go.

  4. Oh no way! It works with blaze!

  5. Rays Works says:

    bouncing to the top!

  6. Useless but fun
    Thats redstone i like

  7. NoJoTo says:

    Slaps head So simple!

  8. RageSquid says:

    Does putting Guardians on slime blocks no longer work? If it does I really don't see this being useful ever

  9. When you design an elevator for players in 2016 and in 2017 someone else knows about it

  10. nora M says:

    I think ray is trying to tell us kill me XD i mean there is no new ideas he can find thats not used! I mean a guardian elevator is useless XD! (Not obviously saying to kill your self its just a funny comment and not a hate one )

  11. TN Hiking says:

    I guess it is useful for turrets, but otherwise I can see you made this just for fun xD

  12. NickCollide says:

    Snocrash slime block elevator is even easier to build..

  13. ray OBS is just recording a black screen any idea on how to get it working?

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