Simple Snow Farm Tutorial | Easy Infinite Snow

August 5, 2017 by 16 Comments

Today’s tutorial is a basic snow farm! This is a VERY old design that should work everywhere.


This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch )

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16 Replies to “Simple Snow Farm Tutorial | Easy Infinite Snow”

  1. wattles says:

    A quick tutorial for those of you newer to the game! Hope it helps

  2. Hey i spent hours making your slime farm, but slimes arent spawning, and i am in a slime chunk, can you help me?

  3. Kyakou says:

    I'm loving your videos! Subbed!

  4. Hey Wattley Wattles Sorry Dont Talk On Twitter DX
    Love The Builds :3


  5. wd9ufo says:

    Wonder if I made this down in the caverns, if it would matter which biome I was in. I see an experiment coming on. Thanks for the video.

  6. Bailey Scott says:

    My snowmen will not spawn snow, i used several biomes such as ice plains and it still wont work, i am in 1.12 please help

  7. Aive says:

    This channel's quality definitely doesn't feel like it only has 14k subs. The voice and mic are great, the editing isn't obnoxious, it's informative, gets to the point quick, and is a great thing to have. Seems like your channel is a hidden gem!

  8. Kevin Gaming says:

    Cool because i need simple machine like that thank you

  9. I thought he was Ant Venom.. Wow

  10. apugc says:

    wow ur voice sounds so different here. i love ur channel and how far uve grown as a youtuber!

  11. Holy cow wattles your voice has changed like crazy brother! Just found this vid looking for snow turrets 🤣 much love!

  12. No wonder why my snow farm wouldn’t work. It was in the savannah. Thank you so much!

  13. High_Nukes says:

    Its cool seeing the old vids, u sound different

  14. I made a snow farm on plains biome on Y=63 and it didn't work then I got mad and killed the snow man. Then I watched this video and it said to make it above Y=64 so I did and it worked.

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