DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176

September 7, 2017 by 21 Comments

If you want your own personalized DNA genotype data here’s the link: http://www.23andme.com/smarter
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A special thanks to Dr. Neil Lamb at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. A major mission of Hudson Alpha is to educate the public and promote genomics literacy. I talked to many scientists about Genotyping but Dr. Lamb’s ability to break down the complexity of the human genome is what finally brought it home for me. Hudson Alpha provides many opportunities for Genomics Education and
Hudson Alpha is http://hudsonalpha.org/ for explaining the difference between Genotyping and Sequencing. To contact a super smart Genomics Professional at Hudson Alpha click here: hudsonalpha.org/contact

Genotyping and Sequencing are very different:

The 23andMe Genotyping service is provided by LabCorp
According to their website, LabCorp is “The World’s Leading Health Care Diagnostics Company”

No Private or Health Information about any individual was recorded or shared in the making of this video (This video is HIPAA compliant).

A special thanks to the Lab Manager Amanda Douglas for being a complete science rock star and a great person to work with I spoke with about a dozen LabCorp Employees who are under Amanda and every one said she was an absolute joy to work for. I know my experience working with her great and I hope her boss reads this blurb I wrote down here in the video description and gives her a high five and a big fat bonus or something equally as awesome.

23andMe provide Genotyping testing using an Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip. Here’s a bit about the chip. Heads up, it’s incredible technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVG04dAAyvY


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21 Replies to “DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176”

  1. DeepPoseidon says:

    They might destroy your sample but I bet everything is still recorded and kept on their computer system. So they still have it.

  2. Jun Fu says:

    And 0.02% is all they need. I suppose the rest of it is either unimportant or is common to homo sapiens and other organisms. That suggests providing such samples is even more serious. All they need is 0.02% of a small portion of the population, and then they could easily extrapolate the genotypes of most of the rest of the population through ancestry records etc. What are they doing to ensure your privacy? How will it be protected from the "government".

    You're still providing them with your entire genome, but they're only looking at 0.02%. Even if the samples are destroyed, how safe is the data?

  3. Doogie Rush says:

    2017 and they are still using Windows XP.@8:31 (at the time of this video) Just goes to show how good XP was and how reliant they are on Microsoft to keep it relevant. Which is a good thing because XP was outstanding when it came out and still holds up today.

  4. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Super high tech futuristic looking lab…Still rocking Windows XP! Righteous!!!

  5. Will-W says:

    And in 2018 California Police used the 23andMe Database to convict a serial rapist from the 1980s.

    Now I'm totally cool with scum finding his place in prison. But your data? Well lets just say once you give up your DNA it's there for good.
    The interesting thing was it wasn't even his DNA, it was a daughter or niece or something but it was close enough for the computers to flag it.

  6. Frozenblaze says:

    8:21 Wait, are they still running Windows XP?

  7. Seems like everything is in your hometown thats cool

  8. Gibran Bedra says:

    Destin, I'd appreciate a follow-up video about the ancestry aspect of these dna tests. The reports give percentages of certain regions… But that doesn't necessarily mean you're say for example 64% western european or 8% sub saharan. Isn't it true they're just probabilities of the data they have in their database? If the report says I'm half German and half Irish how would the report document or convey that? I don't think the story's over…I know you did this video a few years ago, but still… Nice follow-up?

  9. That elbow bump was further evidence that Destin is an omniscient being, with knowledge of future events

  10. B1ind B1ake says:

    I never actually thought about this, but whoever invented the 23 and me process is a complete genius

  11. What…what if I spit into the tube, but also mixed in like…strawberry juice and giraffe spit?

  12. Soul King says:

    Might seem like a great thing to have dna statistics for your doctor to look at when prescribing medicine, however insurance companies may be able to use that against you as well.

  13. Terrific topic. Great incorporating your qualified wife. Now please investigate the factory where they make soylent green food bars.

  14. The genotyping on the chip is fascinating.

  15. i dont know why every one is so scared of their DNA being accessed by others like its gonna make a perfect replica of you. it would have different memories be a different weight, talk different maybe not even be the same height or size and it would age normally or be incredibly deformed

  16. Mary Lagua says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  17. It me abrham says:

    window xp 8:32  from the future

  18. Spiritually is this ok?

  19. Pablo says:

    8:24 the future uses windows xp

  20. So what would be the reason you'd have them store your sample long term?

  21. Tony Chenh says:

    Thanks for this video, give me confidence to do it with 23 and me.

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