Full Auto Slime Farm Tutorial | Improvements & Fixes

September 4, 2017 by 47 Comments

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This is the Part 2 to my Automatic Slime Farm tutorial. I’ve had a lot of great comments and questions about the farm, so in this video I talk about some possible improvements and then ways to troubleshoot the design if you’re having issues!

To see the original skip to the end, it’s on the endslide, OR here :

Minecraft Minecraft Hopper Basics:

This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch )



Improvements – 1:48
Imp. 1 – 1:58
Imp. 2 – 3:00
Imp. 3 – 3:58
Imp. 4 – 4:49
Imp. 5 – 5:49

Troubleshooting – 6:54


Niels Blankenstijn
John Hernandez
& Everyone else who sent me / provided any advice or improvements!

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47 Replies to “Full Auto Slime Farm Tutorial | Improvements & Fixes”

  1. wattles says:

    Miss part one, the original tutorial? Check it out first!


  2. Hey i love your video
    Can You introduce me in your next video please?

  3. Great video! Thanks for mentioning one of my tips (the magma block minecart one). Another great tip that I found out about to improve rates, is to check how far away mobs can still spawn, and lighting that area up. I though it was waaay less blocks in distance, but actually you have to light up a 300×300 area around you if you don't stay in one spot!

  4. Frizzy says:

    Do you have the Xbox one beta?

  5. Spawn rates are affected by air spaces around the platform as well.. if you only dig out the 16×16 of the chunk the rates will be relatively low no matter how much is lit up around you. If, however, you dig out beyond the chunk border by 3-5 spaces and make drop chutes all the way around, it gives more chances of successful spawning due to the spawn system not choosing a non-air block near the chunk as the 'center' of the spawn range for pack spawning. A single chunk dug out and set up properly with an efficient killing mechanism can easily fill a double chest with slime blocks while you are anywhere within it's spawning distance as long as you have water streams to push the slimes at the bottom of the channel.. as it moves them even when they are 'not moving' due to distance from player. Just some observations from my own SP.

  6. Vlakon says:

    Yey, you used my tip on lanterns. Failed to give credit tho! 😉

  7. ENIGMAgaming says:

    Can you make a tutorial on building the same room you use to collect your slime? It looks really cool and I would like to recreate it 🙂

  8. Galahad says:

    So why fence? You could prevent the ledge thing with regular blocks?

  9. André says:

    In the last video you said the exact height on what the platforms should be built. Does it really matter? As long as its under 40.

  10. Glxy says:

    Thanks for helping me fix things

  11. Zors says:

    Thanks for the jack-o-lantern trick!

  12. xCSMx17 says:

    Is it possible to make an on/off mechanism for the farm? The large slimes often decrease my frame rate.

  13. James Andruu says:

    My goodness i reaaly wanna do it but it's… ridiculous😂 nc

  14. Hey man! I love this design, but it doesn't work for me… :/ Here are the things you might ask:
    – I have built it on the slime chunk
    – I removed the torches and replaced them with pumpkins
    – I dag around and lit up some caves, but I'm not sure that I lit up every cave…
    I sometimes get like 1 slime or 2 and that's it…
    Btw I play on multiplayer server with my friend, It's ours and only 2 of us play on It… Pls help!

  15. Los Bartos says:

    Why not remove the walls under the fences where the gollems are ? then slimes won't get stuck on them

  16. artem2531 says:

    One slime for thirty minutes, what's the problem? Please help me.

  17. NorthernChev says:

    Just to be clear for the viewers, despite what someone may have told you, torches (still) have no effect on spawn rates, or the types of slimes that spawn of your platforms. Large slimes can spawn even if your platform was covered completely in torches. That being said… the jack-o-lanterns are still a better idea simply from an aesthetic point of view.

  18. I’m so mad I’ve been trying to make a slime farm without magma blocks because i don’t have the update but the rates aren’t as good

  19. yes im the 100th liker

  20. JmMMII says:

    Can I use glowstone instead of Jack o lantern ?

  21. hey wattles does it have to be iron golems?

  22. NotColln says:

    Little idea for improvement / how i will build the farm.
    I will make a cirular hole in the middle of each spawning plaftorm which will contain 1 golem on a halfslep and a fence cage on the bottom of that hole i will build the same water mechanism as yours should be a little more efficient since you dont need to dig that extra falling ledge and also you dont need to dig the rooms for the iron golems + all slimes even when spawned way back should be triggered by the golem on every platform ( i would consider putting the golem right between 2 platforms saving a little bit of iron

  23. The only problem with this farm is that having iron golems anywhere except the kill spot causes horrific amounts of inefficiency. I spent an hour last night watching 90% of the slimes spawning go for the golems and never come near the kill site. Slimes are fully able to swim against/ignore the water stream if they are focused on the original iron golem that they saw, and that also means never seeing the kill spot golem. I had trap doors set in as well to try and get them to notice me but that completely failed.

    The biggest improvement would actually have been to line the chute with magma blocks so that the slimes would be killed/die when they failed to notice anything except the original golem. That is what improved my rates drastically.

  24. slime do spawn on torches, make sure to light up every caves around so you get the best spawning rte

  25. We can use magma blocks underneath the fence so if slime jumps and get stuck in that small space they will get killed.

  26. Torches don’t effect spawning spaces. You can place a torch on every block and get slimes spawning at the same rate

  27. me dat 200th liker

  28. Shadi Osama says:

    i am playing sky Grid and i want a small place where i can make magma grind there please

  29. Rea Karlsen says:

    Easy fix to them standing on the little each by the fence – just use glass instead

  30. Hanzok says:

    Slimes won't spawn at my platform. It's slime chunk for sure.
    Any ideas? Should I wait longer?

  31. Flow Revenge says:

    New subscriber very awesome videos and very helpfull

  32. Slimes spawn for me next to my house can I build this and it will work or no

  33. Chris S says:

    I knocked out a vertical line in the grate of the iron golem cubbies and then filled it with glass. This reduces the width of the fence ledge so the slimes don’t get caught up on them.

  34. I do same on my creative world i used chunkbase but slime dosnt spawn. If im on spec mode mob does spawn or not

  35. Ninjagroan says:

    Can I improve it with more slime chunks?

  36. mitsorubi says:

    Hey! I built this awesome farm yesterday and it worked just fine. But today we switched the save to another server (another IP, we bought a server) and the farm stopped working. The seed is still the same, the golems are still here and i've tried going far away to reset the mob spawns and everything like that.
    Any idea why that happened and how to fix it?

  37. can this be less than 8 layers.?

  38. Are says:

    this thing just doesnt work well for me

  39. How far do u have to be away like what’s the afk spot

  40. neverdigup says:

    Torches don't prevent slime spawning. You can place a torch on every block and they will still spawn. I do like the Jack o' Lanterns better though, they look cleaner and they don't break off easily like torches can.

  41. Jolmner says:

    Would it be possible to use water in the spawnzone to push the slimes off the edge instead of using iron glems? Is it possible for mobs to spawn on water`?

  42. Can you do a slime Farm for a swamp with a afk spot that means don't have to light everything up or do you know one that works on Xbox one bedrock in survival?

  43. Mirabelle says:

    does this still work in 1.13? I have 2 slime chunks right next to each other and a 3rd 1 chunk away according to chunkbase, i have it dug out at bedrock trying to follow the 1 layer farms from ILMango and EasygoingMC and so far 1 (one) small slime has spawned, even though Ive been watching youtube videos about it a chunk away, which should be far enough. Your method is how I always remember slime farms working but they were saying something about "subchunks" and how the spawning rules changed but they were getting SO MANY slimes in their videos and I've gotten… 1. I really dont want to go to the trouble of building either contraption until I know one of them is gonna work and i'm sick of wandering around a swamp all night T_T

  44. Kevin T says:

    Thank you Wattles. I watched both videos and built this – it took me about two hours. Then I just tucked myself in with dirt in the corner at the bottom over night. I broke out this morning and checked, I had 576 slime balls in the chest. Then I went to get a cup of coffee. When I came back I was dead, killed by a slime :-0

  45. Boşluk Ta says:

    My friends hate change the game mode. He won’t be happy😂