LGR Oddware – The Nintendo 3D1 PC Joystick

September 8, 2017 by 38 Comments

Nintendo made computer peripherals in 1997? YEP. Enjoy this history, setup, and demonstration of one of the more odd and obscure Nintendo products I have in my possession.

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38 Replies to “LGR Oddware – The Nintendo 3D1 PC Joystick”

  1. LGR says:

    Seems I pronounced "Gillingham" incorrectly.
    It's actually pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."

  2. RetroJoe says:

    I like this thing. Gotta find one.

  3. Be carful LGR you might end up the Mr.Rodgers of tech lol take it from a man named Roger. Your dangerously close!

  4. Shane Gates says:

    oddly enough I grew up with that joystick. it's interesting, I was not expecting to see this but I'm glad I did.

  5. This pulled a memory I forgot I had

  6. This isn't the quality old man content I subscribed for, Clint. Go back to playing obscure, old Dos games and yelling about how kids won't stay out of your garden.

  7. zekylls says:

    – LGR, 2017

  8. rdp_sith says:

    Nintendrew did a video on this

  9. It says PC because
    P Not (a)
    C Mac

  10. John Jenkins says:

    Clint, just wanted to say thank you once again for all of your hard work over the years. Your videos really are a nice escape from this shutdown. Hope you're doing well!

  11. infrared headphones >.>

  12. Adam Bacon says:

    Holy crap I had one of these things back in the day and TOTALLY forgot about it until this video haha wow that brings back memories.

  13. Matt X says:

    Kinda looks like some flighsticks from today. Could be nice for some flight simulations or Wing Commander like games.

  14. Pentium says:

    I actually live pretty close to Farmingdale, here out in LI! Very cool!

  15. Abdel Ali says:

    Nintendo retroactively leading to the creation of the best controller for the reverse engineered PC port of Super Mario 64.

  16. bigdrew66854 says:

    I think I still have those Nintendo headsets in my moms attic. Those things were honestly amazing. I used them for N64, PS1, and Dreamcast.

  17. I've never heard of The Laral Group, but have heard of The Yanny Group.

  18. For use with Personal Computer computers only

  19. Sarreq Teryx says:

    PC computers, as opposed to Mac computers, maybe?

  20. Tiktaalik says:

    As a guy thats first joystick for flight sims was a two axis two button deal, this thing would have been a game changer for me back in 97'. lmfao

  21. Alice says:

    I'm surprised they didnt release this also for the Nintendo 64 itself, not that it would work well, but I mean it's got N64 branding and coloring all over it.

  22. Greetings! 👋

  23. What kind of psychopath leaves a Blood 2 box laying around where it can trigger someone.

  24. So was this Nintendo's response to the 3DO?

  25. D M says:

    I came across this at big lots (discount/clearance store ) when I was a kid, I was so excited by the idea i could play starfox 64 with a joystick. When i came back a week or so later when i had the money i was beyond disappointed when i realized it was pc only. A n64 branded and styled joystick for pc just made no sense to me. Still disappointed to this day.

  26. Tom Servo says:

    Didn't even pick up the chainsaw on Doom 2 E1M1 🤭

  27. My guess this controller would be used for mario teaches typing 1 and 2 and Mario is missing and mario game gallery and Mario time machine

  28. This Joystick is a Best for Play N64 On PC.

  29. friv. com says:

    "Gillingham, South East England"
    hey, that's me! we're shit!

  30. all i hear is yanny

  31. A G says:

    I had this thing! I didn’t think it was oddware or obscure until now. Haha

  32. こマ says:

    PC computers brought to you by the department of redundancy department

  33. but does it play crysis?

  34. You throwing in a Steve mre "NICE" quote there!?

  35. Osaze Hinds says:

    Perfect for playing the new SM64 PC ports!

  36. I found one of these at a goodwill a few years ago and never knew why it was made or what it was for

  37. Weekblues says:

    Better than the 3DO