[Simple] Shulker Box Bulk Sorter {1-wide tileable} | Minecraft

September 1, 2017 by 25 Comments

I made a shulker box bulk sorter for our item sorting system. With this we can reduce the amount of lag that is cause from emptying out each boxes and sorting the items independently. This system will take the boxes from our farms and then put them into chest that contain other boxes with the same item in them. It is 1-wide tileable and infinitely expandable. This system will work with other system we’ve made. Enjoy!

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l9kylwtnjenex5g/SB%20bulk%20sorter%20wdl.zip

ProtoTech Discord: https://discord.gg/kz6u9u8
ProtoTech Application: https://form.jotform.us/71345031389152

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Recorded with OBS: https://obsproject.com/
edited with SVP: https://sony-vegas.en.softonic.com/

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

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25 Replies to “[Simple] Shulker Box Bulk Sorter {1-wide tileable} | Minecraft”

  1. Genius!!! So amazing!

  2. I'm playing on console and can't download the world a tutorial would be the best!

  3. Shwabbaa says:

    no tutorial 🙁 but ill just use world dowload and copy it lol

  4. Wortigon2000 says:

    pretty neat and straightforward design, I like it.

  5. inb4 100k views bc mumbo reeee

  6. Who else is came from mumbo video

  7. Herobrine says:

    I was sent by Mumbo Jumbo.

  8. Danny J says:

    Having 1 item short is a big no no for me. This is indeed the best approach but you need to redeposit the item before unlocking the final hopper.

  9. JracoMeter says:

    This could be used to sort unstack able items. All you need to do is place a named item in the shulker box and you could sort it into whatever chest you want.

  10. Can you do a build tutorial? (mumbo jumbo sent me)

  11. does this work in 1.14?

  12. Thomrl says:

    Great build! Still works well 🙂

  13. Mr Creepar says:

    I'm surprized it works for bedrock

  14. ??????????????????????????????😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Cats Rulez says:

    this is super smart omg

  16. how tileable is it upwards

  17. Moderin says:

    Is this hopper speed?

  18. it took me like to the end of the video before i understood the system (mostly because it i like 1 in the morning :P)

  19. Prinz Ais says:

    Lol. I made something similar before even watching this. It's Multi-item tho, but the idea was somewhat similar.

  20. - THTscam - says:

    Ty gonna use this on my server

  21. not reze says:

    not working on 1.12.2