[CHECK description New Type] Shulker Box Loader {1-wide tileable} | Minecraft

October 13, 2017 by 36 Comments

EDIT: New type by Natter: https://youtu.be/GrRVoggAuLs
I show my shulker box loader which is part of the ultimate storage system. It is made for a storage system so it’s 1-wide tileable while also allowing player access to items and shulker boxed items all from one spot. This system can be added to the shulker box bulk sorter I showed earlier. Enjoy!

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qtmlonku6qu5wky/USS%20SB%20loader%20n%20item%20sorter%20wdl.zip

[Simple] Shulker Box Bulk Sorter: https://youtu.be/ERDEE31lhHI
Storage system on Stream: https://youtu.be/FW3OV-3IDZE

ProtoTech Discord: https://discord.gg/kz6u9u8
ProtoTech Application: https://form.jotform.us/71345031389152

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Recorded with OBS: https://obsproject.com/
edited with SVP: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com
Replay Mod: https://replaymod.com

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

Rays Works


36 Replies to “[CHECK description New Type] Shulker Box Loader {1-wide tileable} | Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    EDIT: New type by Natter: https://youtu.be/GrRVoggAuLs

    another piece of the Ultimate Storage System!

  2. Hello there ray here, (its so good)

  3. YouTurd says:

    I don't even play Minecraft but I'm still watching you cuz your creations are amazing 🙂

  4. Quazap says:

    I'm really excited to see this Ultimate Storage System. Storage systems in general are my favorite part of redstone. One thing I'm curious about is whether this system will include item calling, as since Etho's nexus it has been a big part of advanced storage.

  5. Keypad says:

    I remember the stream when you were working on this

  6. Morgy Dee says:

    Damn it it doesn't work on console
    Observers don't receive updates from red stone components

    Still gotta design stuff on my own still cool tho i really enjoy these

  7. 14th easy… Oh wait that's not what people do?

  8. joper333 says:

    great as always 😉

  9. Are you using optifine’s internal shaders or something?

  10. Quinn Allred says:

    Minecraft genius in his natural habitat.

  11. Minebidw says:

    I have an idea for automatic storage system. Mixed items would go to main sorting system, which is in normally unloaded chunks. There items are sorted out and put in shulker boxes; then those shulker boxes are send to main storage, where get sorted out with lighted system you've shown.

  12. Oreo Lamp says:

    That design is massive. You should maybe take a look at what others have done, you would be able to save on so much space in a storageroom.

  13. StneCldKilla says:

    Nice! I remember you working on this a bit in the max xp stream

  14. David says:

    Each day you surprise me more

  15. pollie says:

    do you use a no-shadow resource pack?

  16. TronCrusher says:

    Sorry but how is this different from your simple shulker box bulk sorter?

  17. iCyan9 says:

    doesn't xisuma have a smaller design?

  18. wigglebot23 says:

    Is this more compact than cyangamings? There’s no way
    I checked… 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    He used to spam Mumbo jumbo’s comments but….

  19. ToxinFN says:

    Wow Ray 30K I'm so proud of you

  20. If u remember the shulker shell shucker can u make a tutorial on it

  21. EonsHD says:

    Built a row of these with an ice stream on top of the sorter, at my guardian farm. Seem to frequently getting partially-filled shulker boxes in the collection chests… Can't figure out what is causing this. Any idea?

  22. 1.13.1 if you make a row, close of the shulkers on the 1st and last with glass, en stick a trapdoor under the dispenser, so the shulker won't get lost when broken by falling to far. for the random breaking of shulker-boxes for the collelction chests. i can't figure out why it does that.

  23. Not working properly in 1.13.2. Seems that observers in the back activate too soon breaking partially filled shulker boxes. And it happens to three or four observers in a row at once. Anyone has an idea as how to fix this ?

  24. Lelouch12160 says:

    Does it work for 1.14.3?

  25. Offsetbark says:

    i loved the video. im trying to do something similar to put into a large scale shulker box storage system where the shulker box breaks when there is nothing else in the water stream.

  26. Jacobobber says:

    mine isn't working… when the hopper gets full enough to activate the comparator the item that stacked up stay there instead of going into the shulker box, keeping the comparator activated… how do I fix this?

  27. n2mining says:

    Is there any fix for 1.15.1? It seems that the Hopper filling the shulker box does not get locked? or the Power Level of the comparator coming out has to rise enough to trigger the mechanism, but then the hopper never catches back up and progressively fills until the system shuts down. I am not smart enough to figure out how to fix it.

  28. vktec says:

    Calling this tileable is offensive

  29. Animiles says:

    You know, I could make the simple shulker box sorting system thing with multiple easy shulker box loaders. Or I could build this monstrosity right in the middle of my base.
    This is an easy decision. I'm going to build this monstrosity even if the other solution is more lag friendly 😀

  30. Animiles says:

    Xisuma (also known as Xisumavoid) has a configurable resource pack called Vanilla Tweaks. That pack can change the hoppers and observers to show its direction from all sides and also shows from all sides if the observer is giving off a signal. This would be really useful for these videos since I don't know which way some observers are facing..

  31. MrMeow Beats says:

    there's a bug with it now, for some reason the top hopper runs at double speed and the bottom one can't fill fast enough so the shulker boxes break off after 25 items go in

    edit: if you face the top hopper into the observer it gets rid of the problem

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