Delidding a $1000 CPU – Worth the RISK??

October 9, 2017 by 33 Comments

Delidding can be difficult and dangerous – But CAN it reap rewards on the right CPU if you’re willing to void your warranty?

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33 Replies to “Delidding a $1000 CPU – Worth the RISK??”

  1. Aaron Morgan says:

    If your lid stays hard for more than 3 hours fone a doctor

  2. @linus tech tips i have a question. As you said intel uses toothpaste material as compund.

    What if the they might have tested the applied compound so that it does not damage the core cpu. Also the compound you applied is not officially tested to be used on die of cpu and will not cause any damage in long run.

    Can you please reply your view.

  3. Jesus Diaz says:

    Linus, you are freakinโ€™ crazy!!!! Lol

  4. IRMacGuyver says:

    I don't get it. How did you get lower temperatures if it kept thermal throttling?

  5. NateLB says:

    Is it just part of the script writing to drop or almost drop something in practically every Linus video?

    You've done it enough times that I'm convinced it's on purpose, especially with the way you just throw shit.

  6. NateLB says:

    Why does Intel use such cheap paste?

  7. Luke Miller says:

    What about all of the pins? He was holding it against the table pretty hard

  8. I would really like to know why manufacturers do not provide even decent thermal compound.
    Also, each time I buy a new graphics card, the very first thing I do is to dismount it and change the thermal paste. I always find terrible and very dry compound, something similar to plaster and even if the card is brand new!
    I know that it can be even dangerous to run the graphic card with the original thermal compound on it! So it is also worth loosing the warranty!
    But this is only possible on GPUs, because they have no lid on the die. For CPUs I know that the situation is about the same, but de-lidding is still quite difficult and risky imho. Intel and AMD should simply provide better thermal compounds or even totally remove that unnecessary lid. Why was it introduced?

  9. ultimatexpka says:

    i thought people that delidded cpus, kept it delidded and ran watercooling straight to it, without the lid for even better cooling….

  10. Anonymy _xD says:

    Me watching this as a German:
    Wow sis accent is really nice๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Anders Kang says:

    Hahaha that viagra joke

  12. I got an PulseWay ad that Linus acted for in a LTT vid. Wow.

  13. Daniele says:

    i did delidd few days ago on my old 4790k to play flight simulator lol
    with liquid metal + copper ihs temperature gain is INSANE, -25 30c on heavy load, i can run at frequency that before the delid i was throttling on windows launch :X

  14. Ashik says:

    8:15 is that a teleprompter? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. Sterben. says:

    pls delid i9 10th gen

  16. vameraj veer says:

    We should do this on used cpus

  17. 10:36 I Got Freaked The Crap At 3 AM Seeing That Reflection And Thinking someone was Behind Me XD

  18. Future linus dropped a 10k cpu whats to lose

  19. Bax says:

    Damn I just sold my old 6600k. Should have delidded just to see if I could lower my temps.

  20. Some Guy says:

    multipoint bluetooth mouses also allow to share a mouse on different computers?
    since synergy wants 30 euros for their product, i will just say its a fancy looking scam.

  21. Cursed says:

    I like how we are all here because we want to delid our CPUs.

  22. Eli says:

    Why does everything in this video look ancient?

  23. Plake Plays says:

    why is the word core i9 weird before the i9-9900k came out lol

  24. Akash Chopra says:

    Remember when intel could charge these ridiculous prices and get away with it?

  25. Link3000XD says:

    imagine being the CPU…
    evil experiment. lmao
    it reminds on that gif with that pixel anime girl in that "machine"

  26. Could you use liquid metal compound between the CPU and lid?

  27. TFiPW says:

    8:16 When you have Dennis as cameraman lol

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