EASY 1.12.2 Skeleton / Zombie Grinder Tutorial | ALL Versions , XP & Loot

October 5, 2017 by 24 Comments

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This is a simple & organized tutorial for your basic Zombie farm or Skeleton farm. This is the design tons of YouTubers and Minecraft players use. With this design you’ll be able to kill the mobs in 1 hit while getting XP and Loot. It can be easily adjusted to just farm loot. I’ve tried my best to get to the point in this tutorial while still including explanations of some mechanics & other things to know.


What You Need – 1:17
STEP 1 [Finding] – 1:43
STEP 2 [Dig the Room] – 2:28
STEP 3 [Waterworks] – 4:10
STEP 4 [Grinding Room] – 6:51
STEP 5 [Elevator] – 10:19
STEP 6 [Finishing Up] – 12:27
TIPS – 14:00


This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 ) This video was shot on Minecraft Java Edition (PC) on version 1.12.1.

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24 Replies to “EASY 1.12.2 Skeleton / Zombie Grinder Tutorial | ALL Versions , XP & Loot”

  1. Reversed says:

    Great tutorial. Used this for a starter base on 2b2t. Thank you for the good guide. 🙂

  2. SuperNova999 says:

    me: hey, I found this mob spawner, I should make a farm out of it, hmm, this video should hel- ear drums rupture from the volume of the intro

  3. If at the same size of this video I put more skeleton spawners, will I have a faster and more efficient farm?

  4. Palace Kale says:

    10:48 im confused at that part?? Could spmeone tell me thank u

  5. xtsJay_ says:

    If you have an issue with skeletons/zombies getting stuck in the hallway, this can be fixed by lining the roof with top slabs.

  6. Scuffed says:

    does this work in rl craft?

  7. BPNave says:

    cough when you need xp fast in 2b2t…

  8. Lurdalyon says:

    Doesnt work on 1.16. Wasted my time aaaaaaaaaa

  9. ·Xamãn says:


  10. Smartglass says:

    Wattles places slab on spawner

    ilmango: Hey! That's illegal!

  11. Palace Kale says:

    I wrote '<3welcome to ur death< 3' on the sign

  12. sometimes the mobs take damage and die when they fall. why do the take damage?

  13. Palace Kale says:

    Tip u have to be 16 blocks away from the spawner

  14. NavyGaming says:

    This was wattles 2 years ago?… dam his voice sounds soooooooooooo difrent

  15. The Best 010 says:

    thanks works perfectly

  16. Nam Pham says:

    The hole dept 22 right

  17. PandaVibes says:

    Built this on 2b2t and it works lol

  18. Your voice sounds sooo different

  19. Gumbi Hilt says:

    Nice video man. Been with you for a minute now, wanted to dig back in the archives. How your channel has changed!

    Keep going Elite!

  20. CreeperSmash says:

    my spawner is the first thing you see when you enter the cave near my sugar cane farm

  21. gek says:

    turn your fov up weirdo

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