Spawner Generating Flying Machine [simple] 1.12-1.9 Vanilla Survival

October 29, 2017 by 33 Comments

I made a very simple and easy to use spawner generating flying machine. With some preplanning this can be used to make dungeon clusters in your survival world! In most cases the games autosave does not affect these flying machines, but you should always test in creative and make backups. Enjoy!

World Download:

Omeganx’s DungeonFinder:
Omeganx 8 dungeon cluster:
Dungeon requirements:

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33 Replies to “Spawner Generating Flying Machine [simple] 1.12-1.9 Vanilla Survival”

  1. Tricked says:

    Nice 30k subs voor job ray

  2. Judy Gaming says:

    So cool, it's so much easier than in 1.8 / 1.11, I love it! Maybe I'll create a new spawner again 😀

  3. The way you dealt with the push limit for the flying machines was really brilliant. Is the slime pushing update order you mentioned something directional ?

  4. REDxStep says:

    Lol… First time i saw redstone machine, that can generate spawners 0_o Nevermind…

  5. I waited for this video so long.

  6. Alon Maayan says:

    with this contraption, is it possible to generate a skeleton spawner?

  7. Warkin says:

    can you show how it works like when a dungeon spawns

  8. Brianna says:

    Nice video keep up the good work 👍

  9. Doctorious says:

    Great job rays & co

  10. StneCldKilla says:

    Pretty insane as usual :} I've heard of the concept but you made it and made it easy. Gg

  11. Jon Hatfield says:

    I am amazed at the things you come up with Ray. I am always wondering how in the heck you figure these things out.

  12. gurzhag says:

    How can I chose the type of spawner so it is always an skeleton spawner?

  13. gurzhag says:

    I think it does not work in 1.12. I turn the machine on in the world you uploaded and it goes flying to ungenerated chunks. Then I fly towards it once it has stopped but there is no spawner in the interior. Any help pls? A tutorial in action would be amazing please!

  14. ZPERO says:

    So you send this into ungenerated chunks and this generates a dungeon? What kind of dark magic is this? O.O

  15. Hey Ray! This works on Minecraft 1.12.2? And what about Minecraft 1.13?

  16. Crubleigh says:

    Could such a thing be used to generate spawners at random where you don't know there's going to be a spawner? About how long would you have to wait for a spawner to generate if you just let this thing loose in a random direction. I was thinking this could be useful on servers where you can pick up spawners so you could just send it into unloaded chunks until it generates a spawner, then pick up the spawner and then re-enable it, it goes further into unloaded chunks, generates a new spawner, rinse repeat. Would this be viable or are the odds of this happening so low that you really have to use a tool and set it up to go to certain chunks to even get a single spawner.

  17. Glez says:

    Hey Ray amazing! Does this still work in 1.13?

  18. Firefly 707 says:

    Wait, so the dungeon structure has lots of possible coordinates, some of which are in the air, so it says no and doesn’t place the dungeon, but you can trick it with this?

  19. bookle says:

    Can you elaborate this part? Like what if I want a spider dungeon or a skeleton dungeon?

  20. sku11face51 says:

    Does this still work in 1.14.4?

  21. gregorix 14 says:

    Came here because of mr. Ph1lza himself

  22. Aidan Jan says:

    Does this still work in 1.14.4?

  23. Pasta Base says:

    Did the chunk loading mechanics of 1.3 what broke this or was something else that broke it?

  24. Why dosent this work on 1.13 and above?

  25. 2017: Spawner generating flying machine
    2020: Spawner generating flying machine generator

  26. This looks amazing! Very cool. I will implement this into my 1.12.2 survival world soon👍

  27. What do you mean 1.19?

  28. please talk me please i made mob spawner not this i made it on 1.15.2 please tall me it work.

  29. Nihalol says:

    What the heck

  30. Sees this video in my recommendation 👀
    “2 years ago”

  31. Guy Michaely says:

    Broken in 1.16?

  32. IceyFlamez says:

    does this still work in 1.16.3?