44 Replies to “Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth”

  1. tootutwo says:

    From China, can confirm that I’m watching this video while making Yeezys in the factory under 24 hour surveillance from the government and singing patriotic songs

  2. Dude, there are more viewers from the rest of the world.

  3. Jackob Abiy says:

    Im from a third world country, and I was recommended this because they told me you would say something offensive at the end lol

  4. Kanoor Km says:

    These comments💀

  5. Techy Ustad says:

    From India, can confirm this while taking a shit in public

  6. The video then the comments are shills. You're super creepy.

  7. Evan says:

    This feels gross.

  8. THE DUDE says:

    wait what about me(a 5 year old)

  9. From Czech Republic. Can confirm that I'm watching this meanwhile drinking the 27th beer and ordering some more even though I'm underage

  10. Santhino says:

    From Mexico, can confirm just climbed a cactus to reach a chili so i could make my burrito

  11. Evan Maguire says:

    Every country is a third world country as earth is the third planet from the sun

  12. Idk why you left that n there either cuz ion get the hot dog joke

  13. Income Hatch says:

    it's 3:14 for me hahahaha

  14. foo boo says:

    that's so sad man I'm from a third world country and your video make wanna go and hang myself too bad I can't afford a suitable rope

  15. From algeria had to find a tree to hide from that damn sun to watch this video

  16. c4hirr says:

    From Jamaica. Had to change huts and sell off my ganja for internet connection

  17. From Ukraine

    Can confirm I am watching this while developing one more of damn startups making California even more higher cost of live place

  18. Ali Kareem says:

    We do have internet 🙂😂

  19. M C says:

    It's precisely what I say to the douchebags shitting on rich people: "are you concious that for more than 80% of humanity, you actually belong to the douchebags you're shitting on?"

  20. MrCauthon2 says:

    Like your videos but when I grew up in the 80's third world countries couldn't feed themselves. At this point by that definition there are pretty much no 3d world countries left and most of the once that were have better candidates for the next job you apply for so dunno, a bit too merican or just in plain english dumb for my taste.

  21. Cr1ymson says:

    From America, managed to watch this in a police chase because I started shooting a machine gun at a building as a prank an accidentally killed someone, I hope I can escape!

  22. Vox Vorzac says:

    Money cant buy me happiness
    But it can buy me a boat
    A truck to haul it

  23. Master Wate says:

    More the rich you get the more you doubt yourself

  24. Lanka Naresh says:

    from third world country, could not watch because i didnt have internet, so i flew to america and watching it now.

  25. Micha Geerts says:

    Im watching this from The Netherlands on my break from colonizing third world countries

  26. Id love to see a casually explained on depression and/or anxiety.

  27. Max Rotich says:

    "You can't make your sneakers and wear them too" violation 🤣🤣💀

  28. From colombia, finally having a rest from the war that it is of being on one of the only 2 countries in why the highest premature death cause is violence.

  29. Watching this from Pakistan. Watching this during the break from our next 911 planning meeting.

  30. 3d world countries still have a better internet connection than germany

  31. From Romania, can confirm watching this while stealing from italian cars

  32. As a colombian, can confirm watching this video after making my sixth coke block of the day on my selvatic rustic laboratory

  33. From the netherlands, can confirm I am bottom of the pyramid and will never finish this darn mill

  34. topeorim says:

    From Nigeria, I managed to scam an American widow and buy internet.

  35. He meant that of the countries that watchs this video, none of them are in the third-world; people took it as every country that doesn't watch this video is in the third-world.

    Easy mistake, but did make for some great memes in the comments.

  36. Rajat Shukla says:

    That was awesome 😂😂

  37. shiI oOo says:

    Dude my grandparents had 11 kids what lvl do I come in….

  38. Miss Drey says:

    That third world burn… felt it deep in my third world bones

  39. gcarlose2 says:

    I'm from Latin America, I can confirm this while jumping the US-Mexico fence-border and stealing wifi data from a border patrol

  40. swammers says:

    Lol I'm one of the 5 people watching from finland

  41. life of 2332 says:

    You dont fly Business you buy business

  42. Watching this from India. We might not be too many, but your fans are in every country.

  43. pro blogger says:

    Am from Morocco, watched your video while fighting over the desert.