Core i9 Overclocking Guide – You asked for it!

November 13, 2017 by 38 Comments

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38 Replies to “Core i9 Overclocking Guide – You asked for it!”

  1. Tollymaster says:

    He told me to dislike the video so i did 😂

  2. D. C says:

    The biggest problem with all extreme OCing is to much voltage once you get down in the -90C or colder.

  3. Hahn Wind says:

    加拿大州 白嫖王

  4. This is all nuts…I have an X299 EVGA DARK board…I simply hit the AUTO OC (that’s not the actual name, I forgot it) and it brought me to 4.7Ghz on all cores at 1.2v…easy as can be and more than suitable for my needs.

  5. Heck yeah on the manually tuning RAM!!!

  6. Bruce Lee says:

    the powersupply calculator says it needs 2300watts of power is there even a powersupply that big?

  7. Hi there Linus Tech Tips and all…i have a MB z390 aorus master + i9 9900k …i need an advice with a cooling solution for i9900stock and overclocked…a watercooling solution (wich is the best ?) Thanks

  8. AceSpace says:

    Ram tuning video please!!

  9. What voltage to i type in the voltage of specific cores , lets say i want to run them
    At 1.140 voltage do i put in for each core
    Separately? Cz i saw you put 0.020 there

  10. Cory C says:

    A starters guide to manual tuning would be a good entry point for many people.

  11. There is way too much saying about 9900k heat. Mine is OC to Sync all cores to 5Ghz, im only using the Corsair H100i pro (240mm) and in BF1 and other demanding games my CPU does not get over 52 Deg C, so whats the issue of heat ?
    Also I only needed to touch a few settings to OC to 5GHZ, much simpler than in this video…

  12. Ryzen 7 overclocking guide – Enter BIOS, set multiplier, adjust vcore, leave BIOS, Profit…

  13. Ugo lapa says:

    What about core i9 9900k

  14. Try running Windows on a hard drive with less than a megabyte of memory. I probably sound stupid saying that

  15. What cpu cooler do you recommend for an intel i9-9820x?

  16. Toney Franco says:

    What cooler is recommended for intel i9 9900k? I’m confused as I’m trying to build a monster PC for editing.. 🤦‍♂️

  17. Help me develop a doughnut shaped CPU microchip and a custom made AIO in order to achieve lower core temperatures.

  18. Why a full ram oc guide for all tele current cpus both intel and amd!!

  19. M M says:

    Linus: Get good VRM motherboard
    Also Linus: Mentions Asus

  20. SuperStewie says:

    You can still use speedstep when doing a daily driver overclock…

  21. ghostTF2_ says:

    Heck, this only for the x-series i9s, not the 9900k

  22. Hi,
    Should I use the Extreme Tunning Utility for simple oc or should I just go into bios and start tweaking? Please tell me what's best…

  23. Major says:

    Thank you so much! I have successfully overclocked my i9-7920x to 4.5 GHz after watching your video.

  24. Shawna Love says:

    How about the same tips, but for the old i7 7820x as well as OC'ing the memory and GPU? =)

  25. Did I overlook it, or did you never mention the motherboard used??

  26. mawi says:

    make a video on tuning ram pls

  27. Venkat Babu says:

    Power is high don't buy. Things should run on recharge batteries.

  28. jootai says:

    I don't know wtf this is but I followed this guide and my time spy score went from 15200 to 16950..
    How did I get so much more fps from a cpu overclock from 3.8 to 4.4

  29. Jasper Byrne says:

    Hi Linus. Thanks for your guides. I followed this for my 10940x (on Asus Prime Edition 30 with Dark Rock Pro 4) but was sad to see that disabling CPU SVID support lead to it getting temps of around 106degrees across most cores in Cinebench and CPU-Z bench (the processor is rated for 87degrees) … I was quite conservative with my overclock (45 ratio, 0.07 adaptive voltage offset), yet it didn't perform well at all. I removed all overclocks. as I was concerned with this result… Now HWMonitor consistently reports very high core temps at idle (70degrees plus, though the package remains at 45-47 at idle.) Idle seems a few degrees hotter in general than before though. However, in HWInfo64 the core temps look in line with the package temp or less. Should I be worried about this? Also, is it worth me reseating my cooler and applying some new paste? something feels wrong… I'm concerned that turning off that CPU SVID support has lead to me damaging the CPU. 🙁

    If you or anyone else could help me, it would be so much appreciated. Thanks!

  30. TastyPretzel says:

    Has there been a video made for the RAM overclocking? The default XMP profile that my system has is unstable and I'm not too familiar with overclocking RAM. I have 32GB of Trident Z RGB DDR4 4266Mhz @ 19-19-19-39. I'm looking to get it clocked up to around 3200 – 3500 maybe push it a little more.

  31. Can't believe Intel paid money for this video 🤑

  32. waffle g says:

    fast forward 3 years and i finally got an i9 9900k for 450$ canadian brand new woohoo

  33. Fast forward to 2020 and I got a new 9900K for $50

  34. Aizen 1911 says:

    this is a decent vid for overclocking newbies but you can do a little better if you are brave enough. 9900x 4.7ghz all cores overclocked here ^^ yes iam using a custom loop tho.

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