EASY Blaze Farm 1.12.2 Tutorial | ALL PLATFORMS , CHEAP

November 15, 2017 by 32 Comments

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This is a pretty simple tutorial for a blaze grinder / blaze farm. I’ve tried to add as much detail to the tutorial as possible while also trying to get to the point. The design should work anywhere. Drop any questions below!


What You Need – 1:25
STEP 1 [Finding] – 2:29
STEP 2 [Dig the Top Room] – 3:28
STEP 3 [Dig the Pyramid] – 5:07
STEP 4 [Grinding Room] – 8:50
STEP 5 [Sticky Pistons] – 9:58
STEP 6 [Redstone] – 11:27
STEP 7 [Finishing] – 13:00
STEP 8 [Starting it Up] – 15:20


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This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.13, 1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch ) This video was shot on Minecraft Java Edition (PC) on version 1.12.1.

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32 Replies to “EASY Blaze Farm 1.12.2 Tutorial | ALL PLATFORMS , CHEAP”

  1. Thanos Pik says:

    Thank you it actually worked! 2 levels in less than a minute. You got a sub♥️

  2. icebear & says:

    I can make it in 1.8??

  3. my pistons wont activate but only not for the blazes

  4. Bro I've subbed, and I enjoy your vids

  5. MMN Legend says:

    Does it work with regular pistons?

  6. Eric Lenske says:

    I love all your videos and the way you explain how to in them, just wondering I wouldn’t mind a video to show how to find nether fortresses, or the best way to

  7. Allankadabra says:

    I just have one problem whenever in going Done for killing the blazes they start to rage and the blazes that spawns arter keeps shoooting and flying heat should i do?

  8. also put slabs all around the farm to increace spawn rate

  9. Basil says:

    "easy" yeah, you just need to spend your day farming slimes

  10. would it be easier to have lava flows going to center then just have stone plates to block it from going in the hole? or just have wither roses with a soulsand hopper

  11. Lord Smajl says:

    What's so good about this design ? Nothing new… just pistons… one of the oldest designs. This video is for people who are new in the game or just dumb.

  12. big uzi vert says:

    Really love how you explained everything in depth. Thanks alot

  13. Plututo says:

    I had all the materials to make this, however on the way to the fortress i fell into a lava ocean and lost all my gear. Lucky i didn’t bring my fortune 3 pick and my really good armor

  14. sticky piston are very expensive

  15. I just built this on PS4 and it works! So sick of tutorials that claim they work on console but they don't. So I'm pretty pumped this blaze one works. Thanks 😁

  16. This can still works with just a normal piston, right? We just need to make a few adjustments?

  17. Now this is cool. Needed exp for enchanting, and now I got tons. Thanks!

  18. Im pretty sure that on ps4 you can just put torches on the spawner and it will prevent the blazes from spawning

  19. Make the floor out of wood and then set it on fire bam no floor

  20. Raging lion says:

    Your skeleton farm helped me a lot since I got a skeleton spawner pretty close to my base. Thanks for the video man

  21. SPON2ge says:

    At the Moment when you Break the Floor you can usw shield

  22. Fat Snowdog says:

    Is this still a working farm?

  23. this is great. easy explanation with the edits over the important parts, it works, wonderful, thank you so much! i get so much XP out of this; and of course the blaze rods too. on ps3 edition too! ( i know, old school, lol)
    many thanks!

  24. Estelien says:

    Still works beautifully even in 1.15.2.

  25. Francisco says:

    What happens if you use normal pistons instead of sticky pistons?

  26. Eduardo 54z says:

    You can always plays torches around The Spawer or to prevent them from Spawning

  27. RainBowee says:

    Hmmm yes wattles 9 years old hmmmm

  28. Cody Torio says:

    Ok but not the best the blazes stayed on the corners without the pressure plates

  29. Eli Bardwell says:

    Mojang: there is no safe way to get blaze rods.

  30. Alex Price says:

    Instead of putting a block at the bottom, put a hopper going into a double chest so then when you afk and the blade push the limit they will die without the loot being lost

  31. Thor says:

    whos wathcing 2020