How do Chameleon Tongues work? (In Slow Motion) | Smarter Every Day 180

November 5, 2017 by 49 Comments

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Read these papers on the Chameleon Tongue:


Power at the tip of the tongue:

Evidence for an elastic projection mechanism in the chameleon tongue

Functional implications of supercontracting muscle in the chameleon tongue retractors

The Mechanism of Projection of the Chameleon’s Tongue

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49 Replies to “How do Chameleon Tongues work? (In Slow Motion) | Smarter Every Day 180”

  1. You look like Popeye in the thumbnail

  2. 4:03 thats not how u spell chameleon C H A M E L E O N

  3. this man literally has no fears:

    Him : Okay, so im gonna place this crickets in my mouth

    Me : eW pLaCe a cRiCkEt iN yOuR mOuTh?

  4. when you were in slowmotion and the crikets toungue came out i was like
    tHaT lOoKs pAiNfUl

  5. Jacob Sherk says:

    This really reminds me of the atlatl or spear thrower used by ancient humans for hunting

  6. I didn’t know chameleon bones were pinkish purple

  7. Iodine says:

    Pathetic it still goes slower than a anti vac child

  8. In one of the slo mos the cricket’s leg stated in his mouth

  9. Revan DB says:

    Fun fact: chameleon tongues extend fully in 1/20th of a second, which is about the same time an image disappears from your brain. To humans, it's basically instantaneous

  10. Sathvik S. says:

    So when did chameleons become so good at mechanics

  11. Jack Lazzaro says:

    This guys is bestial. CONFIRMED!

  12. Why did the subtitles say "matchmojo is cancer" 8:20

  13. Sans says:

    Thanks, I hate it

  14. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    I keep feeling the tongue is gonna rip

  15. What, you’ve never French kissed a chameleon?

  16. Jesse Aviles says:

    Watching this while i was eatimg want a very good idea .

  17. +1 for slow motion sound effects

  18. If I'm not wrong, most of the thong is actually an elongated mouth-floor.

  19. 1.38 how to kiss a chameleon

  20. Watched it already on slowmo guys bye

  21. Tevin Carter says:

    Hey can someone please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel please trying to get to 1000…..thank you

  22. Adam R says:

    A sphincter says what?

  23. 6:57 Cricket realised what happened "NOOOOOOOOOO"

  24. jdmkev says:

    LOL watchmojo is cancer ahahahahaha

  25. Scott Duffy says:

    are your sure thats its toung

  26. The cricket is getting squashed by the tongue 🤣

  27. Chris Page says:

    Man, that tongue looks disgusting. Awesome video.

  28. Why does it say in the subtitle "watchmojo is cancer"

  29. joelmchase1 says:

    Emily reminds me of Joan Cusack. I’d love to hear her say, “Mr. Schneebly.”

  30. kaylibb says:

    At least you can say you made out with a chameleon now

  31. Gobbyano07ss says:

    immagine being that cricket

  32. Looks like a sausage casing ngl

  33. I kind of feel bad for the crickets. some got these torso crushed by a tongue going 16 miles an hour, and some got their heads crushed as well. RIP crickets.

  34. Joe Mofo says:

    I wanna see this Popeye pic that used the be the thumbnail. Now it’s a chameleon with a very graphically phallic-looking tongue hanging out of its mouth 😂

  35. Akash Das says:

    Tnx smarter every day

  36. SAM 014 says:

    hey dustin ,
    how many fps were those tongue shots?

  37. No cricket was harmed filming this video

  38. Colin P. says:

    When those beady little eyes lock on.. the cricket doesn't stand a chance!

  39. Indoor Kite says:

    Many crickets were harmed in the making of this video

  40. Paradigm357 says:

    That cricket scream 🤣

  41. Manam Setty says:

    Or young kiss by a chameleon

  42. Mary Lagua says:

    Destin?nice explanation 🙂 great to occupy the kids mind.

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