Marriage Advice – Smarter Every Day 181

November 19, 2017 by 47 Comments

I didn’t say it was good… I simply ate what I was given and asked for seconds. Feel free to forward this marriage advice on to younger couples.
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Eat what your spouse cooks.
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47 Replies to “Marriage Advice – Smarter Every Day 181”

  1. Kyle says:

    Its kind of frightening how many people missed the point of this video.

    So let me explain:

    They were newly married, obviously in financial stress if shopping at a dented can grocery store, and she went to the trouble of shopping and cooking dinner for him. Dustin chose to acknowledge her labor and love for him and ate the bad food without complaint. She knew it was bad, she knew he thought it was bad too, but he communicated something much deeper and more loving by his actions than he could have by words. In that moment, in that time of stress in their lives, a gesture of unconditional love to his wife was much more powerful and wise than brutal honesty. There is a place for food criticism, and of course honesty is crucial in a marriage. But honesty wasnt needed, they both knew it was bad.

    As for any of you who think he did it only so she would continue cooking for him, and not that he did it as an act of marital love, i cant fix your cynicism.

  2. Mariana A. says:

    This guy is so sexist and closed minded. From their kids saying "sir" after every sentence, to his dad saying "no matter what your wife cooks you eat twice"… Is not like "if you both eat you both cook and clean". I can't keep watching a "smarter every day" guy that insist on not questioning gender roles and hierarchical status of a male in a family.

  3. esphi LEE says:

    The old man was right.

    No need to criticize. If you want to be very honest, you may not need to ask for second, you may not need to praise the cooking. Just finish it and do not complain. That is the least you can do.

  4. USiddiqui says:

    Next time, please make this video 5 years ago and not 2 years ago. Sheesh.

  5. JBass14 says:

    I've used this advice with my wife, even tho I'm the one cooking most the time 🤣 Thanks Destin!!

  6. R says:

    For the first month or so of our marriage, my wife would call me just before I got off work or immediately when I got home and ask what I wanted for dinner.
    This would begin the 10- minute conversation with each of us asking what meal would suit our mood. (" I don't know. What do you feel like having?"

    I was a desk supervisor at Kelly Temporary Services and office work was new to me and brought on a new level of stress.

    Once day was particularly gruelling and when I arrived home she was eager to cook whatever I wanted. I sat her down and held her hand and explained, "Honey, I completely trust your cooking and after a day with making so many decisions that having to decide for our home what we should eat is frustrating. So, you cook it and I'll eat it." She never had to ask me again and there wasn't peace in our home. We.also agreed if & when she worked, whoever cooked, the other would clean. It was our proper arrangement. And it worked great.

  7. Destin Thank you so much for posting your life for us and making us better and smarter every day. Thank You.

  8. Reminds me of a Dane Cook bit: What is the key? Cheat!

  9. i love you both!!! sending love <3

  10. I respect and admire anyone who can stay happily married for a great length of time. It'd harder than it looks.

  11. Gary Ha says:

    Five second rule lol. I used that earlier today at a neighbor's house when their 12 year old picked up the chocolate rectangle from Cherry Garcia he had dropped on the floor and popped it in his mouth. He knew what I was talking about, knowingly smiled and said "I just don't care". Yeah well, those whole chocolate piece numbers were limited. So it was funny to see this science expert (Destin) mention it, and I was hoping I might talk him into one day doing a video examining the claim but wait, turns out someone already did:
    "The five-second rule states that food dropped on the ground will be safe to eat and not covered in germs as long as it is picked up within 5 seconds of being dropped. This experiment will evaluate whether there is any truth to this theory."
    At the source of that, there's a nice experiment described but I didn't notice what I was looking for, a video. Happily, clicking on 'Videos' there are some. I watched one by Science News where the presenter used agar to culture bacteria under certain conditions to find out. I know you're all going to love the result she came up with because it is science. Yeah, it's false.
    Meanwhile, we all know in our hearts when we say 'five second rule' while gobbling up food off the floor that it is accompanied by tongue planted firmly in cheek (said "tongue-in-cheek") since we sense it isn't true, right? Best bet in answering that might be to go along with whatever the alpha spouse is likely to think. 🙂

  12. Anthony O says:

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  13. You both are so awesome.

  14. You two look remarkably similar

  15. Blankfaceman says:

    You guys are cute together love you both

  16. random shmoe says:

    The second most important thing I learned today is marriage advice. the first is that the 5 second rule is real, and scientific: 3:48

  17. Just tops, great to see your delicious menu trajectory.

  18. R King says:

    1) your wife seems charming
    2) extremely sage advice.

    Been married 32 years here.. My wife loves cooking.. but I still thank her for the meal even if it is 'less stellar'. There are actually a LOT of things like this in a marriage. Things where appreciation can be expressed for very simple acts. Appreciation is SO important in marriage. Love can be said with words.. but ACTIONS mean SO much more.

    Rx for a good marriage: show appreciation, plenty of hugs, plenty of kisses, find humor in your own failings… do this daily.

  19. hardlyb says:

    I made the mistake of telling my wife, early in the marriage, that she had overcooked a pork chop. It was years before she cooked for me again.

  20. Mr C says:

    I just tell my wife I'm not hungry. 🤪

  21. Gary Blakey says:

    There are very Few Youtube channels i would recommend But
    "Smarter Every Day" Is Number 1 .

  22. gh0strid3r92 says:

    but why u use those single use alu stuff?

  23. Mark Riley says:

    Dude the chicken didn't look that good. Open the can of dented sloppy Joe! Lol!
    Great video!

  24. Olds Jetfire says:

    Life can be unfair. My wife loves to cook and great at it. I am the second pickiest eater on Earth. My oldest girl is the pickiest on Earth. My wife is the dream of many men that loves to eat but she is stuck with really picky eaters.

  25. Destin you are awesome. I agree with you 100%

  26. FIVE SECOND RULE!!!! That's awesome!!!!! =)

  27. This made me smile. I do the cooking in our family, and usually it's edible. Just the other day, I burned the heck out of our dirty rice, but my wife smiled and ate it anyway. We've been together for 33 years.

  28. As with most things in life it's not that simple. Some people (like Justin is suspect) self evaluate and strive to improve on their own. Other people never do so without getting feedback. What kind of marriage is it if you suffer every meal and can never have a truthful discussion? Good marriages result from good communication – even on difficult subjects.

  29. Igor Radov says:

    I wonder what kind of humans dislike this video

  30. VoceCorale says:

    Today you made me smarter, but also hungry

  31. You sir have gained a new fan today.

  32. Adish Jain says:

    Plot twist* sponsored by manwich

  33. I ship them soooooooo hard !!!!

  34. Great advise and a great relationship there!

  35. Man, that dish your wife made looks really good!

  36. Nir Matt says:

    This grocery store is so demn American

  37. Mary Lagua says:

    She’s a good cook!!

  38. The B&B resale store in Ashville AL.

  39. Adequate Bus says:

    39-years happily (well, mostly) married, here. I always tell her that she is beautiful especially in the morning and especially when I can see that she's off, always buy (or pick) her flowers on Friday, and always eat whatever she has managed to put onto the table, even years ago through several thin and tight recession times. I remember having to buy the off-brand, cheap ketchup. We couldn't afford real ketchup.

    Marriage ain't brain surgery, but it can be hard, maybe because it is so simple: love and trust and respect, especially when it's hard. -C

  40. Pablo says:

    SMARTER EVERYDAY lmaoooooooooo

  41. Felix Kunz says:

    4:23 Find yourselves a Proverbes 31 women… You hit the nail on the head.

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