Gaming in 4K – Upgrade or Buy New?

December 6, 2017 by 36 Comments

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So many options exist for 4K these days that it’s tough to decide – And with 4K displays getting cheaper all the time, which should YOU choose?

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36 Replies to “Gaming in 4K – Upgrade or Buy New?”

  1. I upgraded my pc's gpu with a Strix 1080 and saw immediate improvement. I also bought 4k monitor, upgraded my ps, and added RAM. For gaming the 1080 has been great, though without me upgrading my processor I don't think all my streaming will be true UHD.

  2. AssKicker47 says:

    That's pretty surprising. I would think these older CPUs would degrade performance much more than they did in those benchmarks you've made. My i5 2500k still + 960ssc 4gb from EVGA still manage a smooth 1080p60 in most games which is all I'm asking for right now as 4K gear still manages to become quite a lofty expense.

  3. Zephius64 says:

    Why do console players always remind me of Creationists and flat earthers?

  4. they're now about $500 again. Ugggg

  5. I have a 1070 Ti. I’m going to upgrade to the 2070 Ti when it drops cause I have a large penis.

  6. 4K gaming under $1,000 is possible would you have to get a used 1060?

  7. Jan Majnik says:

    Well I connected my pc (gtx 660ti) assassins creed origins to my 55inch 4k tv and wanted to compare 4k vs 1080p on ultra settings. And 4k looks soooo much better (obviously). But I was surprised how much difference it is. Although my game ran at 0.5 fps ^^ looking at this graphics card or maybe something similar.

  8. Jan Majnik says:

    What about ps4? Doesn’t that run on 30fps 4k? I loathe the xbox consoles and will never own one …

  9. Zebraman217 says:

    Saying a 980ti is old and not good bruh, can I get a spare 2080? I know you guys got money…

  10. I have a Lenovo yoga 920 laptop for mobile computing and programing when I'm not at home. Plus I dock my laptop to my home monitors with the Lenovo thunderbolt graphics dock that houses a Nvidia GTA 1050. I just wanted to ask if there is a integrated graphics that I can upgrade in the dock.

  11. Nxght says:

    yet console peasants would say “better fps? better quality graphics? higher resolution? lasts 7-12 years without overclocking? nah man. ima keep buying 500$ consoles every 2-5 years.”

  12. i still use a 1366×768 monitor

  13. TerrorWest says:

    I hate the gay intro music

  14. joe nodden says:

    Or just use a 1070 in your old rig if you want something that outperforms the X at a lower cost.

  15. yungpabo says:

    I think this is why linus is the best. Always giving the consumer so many options and perspectives. I literally was trying to find if my 2770k + (r9 290) was a good option to just swap cards so im glad my cpu and rest of my computer can still hold up to 4k. Thx Linus.

  16. 1080p/60fps/120hz >> 4K/30fps/60hz.

  17. Daniel Ustp says:

    I am thinking of buying this graphic card I heard its one of the best at the moment.

  18. can 2x titan v or 4x titan v handle 8k gaming at 120hz ?

  19. I am deciding whether to buy this graphic card or not because of the high ratings and reviews it looks like it's the best for the price.

  20. That moment when you dont see the L on his shirt

  21. RobinWrath16 says:

    my 1080Ti struggle on Watch dogs 2 at 4K i got only 55-32FPS.. ihave i7 4790K

  22. RobinWrath16 says:

    PC gaming saves me alot of money in games.. especially on the new releases games that cost $59-$65 .. 3 days after the release there is already a cracked on it..

  23. Rahul Biswas says:

    I have a xbox one x i spend 180 bucks per month on 2 or 3 games acc to the pricing i can say its been a good investment….it paid for itself…

  24. I will w8 for normal prices for Graphic cards. I dont want stupid waste my money.

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  26. D T says:

    Can't someone figure out how to hack the video performance parts from a console to be used in a pc? Probably wishful thinking.

  27. Flamebot says:

    And I'm here with my Intel i7 3rd Gen and no GPU but Intel HD3000

  28. Kelpy Gii says:

    i just noticed this is subnautica music lol a year later…

  29. coyote gen 3 says:

    my only question is why ?

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