Dog Farm! | Minecraft [STILL works]

January 12, 2018 by 33 Comments

I built up a dog (wolf) farm on ProtoTech and here is the world download for the farm including the sorter on the nether side. Passive mobs spawn every 20s so if you aren’t getting spawns then turn the farm off for 10s and back on. You can build this smaller or larger and higher or lower depending on what rates you want.

World Download:

Dog farm on ProtoTech:
How to inter-dimensional chunk load:
Utility mod by Omeganx:

ProtoTech Discord:
ProtoTech Application:

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Acheron River:
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33 Replies to “Dog Farm! | Minecraft [STILL works]”

  1. OnTheEdje says:

    Nice! I'll have to find a reason for tons of dogs now

  2. John says:

    Awesome! About what you said about mobs spawning does that mean if you build your base higher up less mobs spawn?

  3. Róan Stam says:

    could you maybe use the skeleton tracking of the wolf to leader wolf to the place you want so there are less resources needed and maybe less space?

  4. i get amazed in every video, with every creation, u are big man

  5. I saw someone make a cat farm and I was gonna create the first dog farm nvm then I just subbed and found you from someone who gave you a shoutout. There’s always the next mob you can make a pet. Is there llama or polar bear farms that I could try or maybe you could invent it

  6. Israel says:

    Eres sorprendente!!!!

  7. ZPERO says:

    Ray never ceases to amaze me, of of these days he's gonna show us how to build a particle accelerator in minecraft 😛

  8. Synthestra says:

    How did you get shaders in 1.12?

  9. Yis Pinto says:

    So happy ray is 2night

  10. Yis Pinto says:

    Make a Qna now!: face rivel plz

  11. Yis Pinto says:

    A way to sqru yourself up is punch a wolf

  12. Erre says:

    awesome work like always 😀 !

  13. is there a way to find the end portal on servers with only a few ender eyes?

  14. привет! Круто 🙂

  15. 05Jamie says:

    Make sure you place vines, so the dogs dont entity cram

  16. fincky says:

    Cool build but you forgot the killing chamber haha. Add that and the build would be a 10/10

  17. I wanna die says:

    ah this will really help me with my efficient dog killing machine

  18. Alguien puede hacer este tutorial en español pls

  19. LinooneGamer says:

    Finally can get 10k wolf kills!

  20. JB Turla says:

    So You Know Some Sins Are Unforgivable?

  21. Salmon says:

    I mass kill them for fun in these farms, thanks for showing me how to build them

  22. I made this then farmed for exp it works!

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