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today i am showcasing a simple fully automatic pumpkin farm design that is easy to build and relatively compact. The farm uses hoppers and puts all the harvests into a chest for you. This farm would also work with melons.








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This design should work in all versions of Minecraft newer than 1.11. (1.12 , 1.12.2 , 1.13 ect.) This design should work on Java Edition.

if you see this comment “pumpkins4dayz”


33 Replies to “FULLY AUTOMATIC PUMPKIN FARM TUTORIAL | 1.12.2 , Easy , Compact”

  1. wattles says:

    What else do you want to see a tutorial on?

  2. Markos96 says:

    it dosen't work in 1.12.2 :/

  3. Gerard J says:

    Worked for me in 1.12.2, thanks :).

  4. Brandon says:

    It wasn't working for me, but I changed up the way it was wired and put the piston on the side instead of facing down and now it's working. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. ・kaka・ says:

    It doesn't work on 1.12 but all you need to do to make it working is just crushig two redstone torches that are not under block and replacing them with redstone. Replace all the repeaters with redstone too

  6. Alpha Star says:

    Hey wattles..i made a version of your pumpkin farm…in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  7. Doesn’t work in 1.12.2

  8. Does this work with melons…???

  9. Does this still work on ps4?

  10. MrFoxy hacks says:

    Wow i make this in my minecraft world

  11. I copied it but it doesn't work

  12. jcat says:

    Im in 1.12.2 and it works thank you dude

  13. Deadboi says:

    Use sticky pistons to cut off the signal.

  14. Idk what they are talkig about but it does work in 1.12.2 just fine, i also copied the build with world edit and it still worked

  15. I did it perfect but my melon takes forever to grow

  16. Butterboy says:

    I built it the same way but the piston wont work

  17. Just put a repeater coming out of the observer, and run redstone dust up to the piston, and a repeater set to 2 ticks to lock the first repeater. So much simpler

    Edit:for bedrock, set second repeater to 4 ticks

  18. Thats the easiest redstone tutorial ive ever seen

  19. i tried this but i mirrored it left right, it didn't work
    but the original version worked.
    The redstone part behind the observer flicker when observer gives an update, but when i turn the direction (now the pulse to piston flow from right side) it didn't flicker. What happened?

  20. First layer:
    [ i ][ s ][ i ][ s ][ i ]
    [ ][ ][ s ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ o ][ ][ ]

    Second layer:

    [ ][ ][ s ][ ][ ]

    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

    i = Redstone torch
    s = solid block
    o = observer

    this is just part of the backside of the observer. I just put another solid block and Redstone torch to the right. If we put something in front of the observer, the left Redstone torch will flicker but the right one won't. Is this a bug? Am I the only one experiencing this?

  21. Angelic Dirt says:

    You double-intro, your second intro is too long, you talk too fast, you move too much, and you don't have schematics. The constant like-begging is just icing on the cake…

  22. VerseNetic says:

    doesnt work anymore

  23. Tobi says:

    literally doesnt even work in 1.12.2 :/

  24. Pine Apple says:

    I’ve tried five different designs and this is the only one that has actually worked. Thanks you!

  25. Atha says:

    its not working

  26. Too_smokey4u says:

    Anyone else using this for skyblock?

  27. KipNCheese says:

    Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed. 😀

  28. Robin Milich says:

    bei mir funktioniert die farm iergendwie nur in einer kreativ welt. ansonsten danke für das video

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