Use Kismet to Find & Monitor Nearby Wi-Fi Devices [Tutorial]

January 26, 2018 by 31 Comments

How to Watch Wi-Fi User Activity Through Walls
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 002

Kismet can detect any nearby devices that use Wi-Fi, whether they are connected or not. This ability lets us scan the nearby area for both APs and client devices, and even watch small details about when a device or connection is in use. With this data, we can tell when people are home, what devices they own, and when they are using them.

You can grab a Panda PAU05 like we use in the video here:

For dual-band monitoring (meaning 2.5 and 5 GHz), you can check out the PAU09 here:

To learn more, check out the article at:

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31 Replies to “Use Kismet to Find & Monitor Nearby Wi-Fi Devices [Tutorial]”

  1. Emco_Emco says:

    great video!.. would it be possible to use this with a weak antenna to only log people passing by a property? as vandals are damaging my house and I want to be able to give something to the police (mac address, mobile device imei number etc? any tips /tools for this would be much appreciated.

  2. random guy says:

    can this be used to scan a room for wireless spycamera and how about wigle wifi

  3. random guy says:

    i think you could use sth free like kismet to detect and sniff out the wireless spycameras

  4. Type: sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

    To get your internet back

  5. Aditya Singh says:

    Sir you are my inspiration i love all your videos..😍

  6. 3D Hex says:

    You're awesome Kod!

  7. When I write command sudo airmo – Ng start wlan0 showing command not found how to fix it

  8. Umar Baig says:

    so, this is wireshark 😂

  9. hashar rana says:

    i install kali linux on my windows 10..when i install full kali tools after that when he reach the kismet installation he as for list…what is the mean of this…

  10. Can i do this while wardriving

  11. Real Napster says:

    I turn lcds environments mode in my linux
    But now I couldn't see my Terminal
    Pls tell me where is it

  12. Eddie M says:

    Does having stickers on your laptop make you a hacker? Lol

  13. Mhmd Sakka says:

    I don’t have any data available in kismet table. Is it normal?

  14. Thai Rice says:

    What is dhclient use for and what’s good about having it?

  15. Cold Spirit says:

    When I do kismet on kali as I am working on kali,it opens kismet localhost in browser,not in terminal like you.Is it a problem if I use kali or should I use Parrot OS?

  16. marcusm 2025 says:

    Late comment but does the panda pau06 work?

  17. Onion s says:

    This Guy Really cool!

  18. VM369 says:

    Hey i have another doubt why do u want to use an external wireless adapter to monitor . Cant u use the built in network interface in your Mac to do the job . Pardon me if this is a stupid question . Im a beginner

  19. I lost my iphone in my house. Been looking for it for 4 days and i cant find it. I saw a post that a person used kimset to find his phone walking around the house and looking at the dBm. Is this possible? Should i try this?

  20. Thanks for this it works

  21. Bhautik Tank says:

    Can i use my mobile phone as a wireless network adapter ? If yes then how ? Please explain sir ….

  22. Sir, when you make a video, you will enlarge the video and show it on the screen

  23. Zane Salti says:

    Where can I get the old terminal UI kismet program instaid of using the new web UI, also thanks for the videos.

  24. David says:

    Can you recommend a good Packet Reader?

  25. Gordo Quata says:

    When I Press Tab It Doesnt Go To The Main Screen . Any Help ? Im Using Kali Linux Newest Version .

  26. Phil Matt says:

    Creepy!! Stuff are you DYLANs buddy?

  27. itzDevilish says:

    Will this all work with linux mint or only kali?

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