3 SIMPLE Zombie Pigmen Farms! | All Versions

February 9, 2018 by 46 Comments

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in this video i showcase three standard and simple zombie pigmen farm designs. these designs are cheap and are not intended to be a permanent or super efficient pigmen farm design. i hope this helps you out!








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46 Replies to “3 SIMPLE Zombie Pigmen Farms! | All Versions”

  1. wattles says:

    Whats another farm youd like me to talk about?

  2. "you can't hit the babies so id say just shoot the babies"

  3. Picka Gaming says:

    Yoo u helped me very much my realm with your buildings your farms tutorails everything thank u very much +1sub

  4. Wow people without dungeons have it hard.

  5. PuipinM says:

    Yo bro, thanks for this upload. Definitely about to use these in less than 30 minutes x)

  6. BÆSIR says:

    Oh man you sound so different

  7. TheModXd says:

    So what u could is just make a trap door small underground tunnel to the 2nd and 3rd one and hit the ZPM and then go through the tunnel

  8. Ok first one: how may I go back to nether portal😅😅😅

  9. mr.noddy says:

    like little bit thoes idea its extremely very simple builds but it cost your durabulity too much has soon get one of they golden sword i wld use that insted ya all coverd up! if you are minecraft player that played long this is us. sor this wasent that was looking. thinking something of piston included farming type

  10. These farms are great for new minecraft players. If you are an experienced player you should get a zero tick farm

  11. Mate if u can get into the nether u should have more than 12 cobble on ur hands

  12. I know this video was from a while back ago but since I've watched it has helped me get a lot of gold and I do need gold for enchanted golden apples so thank you for the pigman farm it really helped

  13. Im watching this in 2020 and man his voice sounds weird

  14. This is awesome tricks to get gold and xp..

  15. Ali Baig says:

    Thank you so so much
    This helped me a lot

  16. RedKnightC says:

    Who else is watching in 2020 to stock up on gold for the nether update?

  17. RedKnightC says:

    “Shoot the babies.” -wattles 2018

  18. In Flames says:

    Thx im gonna use 2.

  19. You sound very different than your 2020 voice

  20. Whats? In minecraft version 1.16 not work

  21. Mokekok says:

    Hah now its soo useless RIP

  22. Jaden McCown says:

    Behind you at the start of the video is honestly looked like a crimson forest biome without the trees or shit

  23. hey there young wattles

  24. Does this still work in 1.16

  25. You think these still work with zombified piglins?

  26. how many zombified piglins per hour?

  27. Really good one basically I like the second one and it is simple

  28. Doggo gamer! says:

    I tried making this in hardcore let’s just say I frogot a slab and ther were quite a few babies

  29. I died during this Xp farm in my hardcore world because of my silly mistake, next time I’ll be extra careful

  30. RainySkies says:

    Does this still work in the nether update?

  31. Thomas Price says:

    He sounds so young….

  32. I already have my 1.15.2 modded zombified piglin farm and it does not produce xp but it produces gold, has an integrated sorting machine for bartering loot and is fully automatic and is efficient. It also produces rubies as a side product from nether creepers. It also smelts gold swords into scrap metal.

  33. Aaron Rao says:

    Does this still work in 1.16

  34. Tutorial for the last farm PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  35. lol 2nd is a like a german bunker then US soldiers for the pigman are charging it

  36. Doggy 951 says:

    wattles: shoots the babies
    the kindergarden employee: 😱

  37. alex goodwin says:

    Hey wattles love your content. Lol your voice broke 🤭🤭 ahh getting older happens to us all keep rolling eleets

  38. Mr. Techno S says:

    Wow brother you have a big brain and those are just simple yet super effective

  39. im going to be using this type of farm in our multiplayer server since i dont wanna exploit a glitch and break the admins' trust.

  40. Single XP farm: needs 12 cobblestone
    Me: has over 1,000 cobblestone

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