Also, Regarding the Throbbing | In The Field [Feat. Nerkish]

Will we find true love? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.




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38 Replies to “Also, Regarding the Throbbing | In The Field [Feat. Nerkish]”

  1. FYI the shit at 4:30 is to show she's not a bot since most ads by females that were on personals were.

  2. Liam says:

    Nerkish and historian – DTF

  3. Arcfilms says:

    Damn it I'm shorter than both of you I'm 5'6 aaaaaaaaaaaagh

  4. MimiRAM0NE says:

    They did Ya Boi Zack dirty

  5. 2:54 "Not looking for my keys or wallet" XDDDD

  6. When you do your American accent, it comes out Canadian, bud.

  7. Hans Moleman says:

    gwm hwp ddf pvp rpg dvd

  8. Oh no I looked up what hwp means, and even the person who posted it admitted it took them forever to figure it out 😆 height/weight proportions

  9. Krazy8ts says:

    What do you guy's have against Diversity & Comics?

  10. Liam says:

    ED – Errectile dysfunction
    PE – Permanent errection?

  11. Internet Historian’s American voice is cursed

  12. OwlishFun says:

    Oh thank God, I thought I'd completely lost my ability to read accents xD Been living in Canada for 3 years, Kiwi who grew up in Aus, my accent is a real mongrel ;D
    Love your video, you do a great job!!

  13. as a person who lives in the space coast idk whether to be insulted or completely star struck that somehow they chose where i live

  14. PO DUNK says:

    Your American sounds Canadian

  15. aMAX says:

    It's official, Internet Historian has the best way to censor things.

  16. Your American (US) accent sounds Canadian (Vancouver area)

  17. IH with the american accent feels like hearing his voice for the first time

  18. DIYdunder says:

    So, legit question, if you're sure it's going to get demonitized anyways, why censor it?

  19. I'm very happy knowing the diversity in comics just suddenly got a huge boost in views and they'd have no idea why

  20. Yeh our internet is ranked lower than Pakistan

  21. Nahhtorious says:

    They did my boy diversity and comics dirty lmao

  22. Roosevelt says:

    your american accent sounds canadian.

  23. YouTube really knows your audience. I got an AIDS prevention ad.

  24. I love you guys, and I hate you guys. Just had a bunch of teeth pulled and it hurts to smile… My face is soo sore now, thank you

  25. Torol Feeld says:

    Historian and Nerkish are a great combo.

  26. Holy shit I live in Cockeysville MD

  27. Just leaving this here.
    3:48 ノ( º _ ºノ)

  28. I don’t like your friend. He seems to always have some stupid reason why he doesn’t like anything. Not fun at all.

  29. I'm DTF
    Eat cheeseburgers

  30. Your american accent sounds more canadian.

  31. Paddy Mc says:

    4:52 'I wanna make you into a skin suit¬!' – Said in your best, deepest Batman voice.
    Best pickup line ever. Cannot fails.

  32. Blavood says:

    Kiwi doing Burger is Wooper confirmed

  33. "Yeah i think we also do that, watttter, oh nevermind"

  34. Jordan Hall says:

    When you take the New Zealand out of his accent he sounds so much younger

  35. Hired I miss this! Nerkish roasting D&C is classic!

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