Apple QuickTake 100: 1994 Digital Camera Experience

February 19, 2018 by 27 Comments

Unboxing and testing the Quick Take 100, Apple’s first digital camera! It may only shoot in 0.31 megapixel 640×480, but at least it had 24-bit color when certain competitors were still doing black and white.

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27 Replies to “Apple QuickTake 100: 1994 Digital Camera Experience”

  1. LGR says:

    If you'd like to directly check out the photos I took for this video, here's an album for ya:

  2. Breezi TV says:

    9:24 Tiger King type vibe lol

  3. Orkan says:

    Hi Clint i just want to say that ive seen almost every video of you(mainly the odware and game videos) and i love them, they even have rewatch value(good to know in these times) keep up the good work!!! i hope you are safe and have a good health

    to add to that, im a huge dangerous dave fan and tried to beat it in these "stay at home" times(withouth good luck i die at level 8). i dont see a lot of people reviewing that game while it had a huge backstory and lead to a lot of games(if im correct designed by john romero) i would love it if you made a video about it

    also want to say that i recently started playing duke nukem forever because i saw your video and thought why not??? i love it, its bad but in a good way and i love john st. johns voice!! also love your voice

    like i said stay safe and GET SOME!!!!!

  4. dylan chen says:

    it is fun that apple still use this start up chime even in mac os 10.14 Mojave XD

  5. Romero I says:

    Довольно не плохо для 94г

  6. Nvxlxch says:

    A camera the size of a ham sandwich.
    I love it.

  7. Ironic that the shot is shifted to the left and the colours are shifted to the right.

  8. Dominic says:

    Pictures from it look like they were taken on a 3DS

  9. 6:17 does anyone else absolutely love the feeling and the noise of a floppy disk clicking when correctly inserted

  10. WhyteLis21 says:

    There's a reason why I stuck with stock film cameras back in the 90's. Lol.

  11. In the 90s there was 1h film developing service in a lot of places. Even today my local lab takes less than a week to develop a roll of film.

  12. Ahmad Danish says:

    Looks like a water bottle for the army’s

  13. Fun fact: Apple used the name QuickTake for a feature in The new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max

  14. Benny Powers says:

    We had one of these in our Mac Lab in elementary school

  15. Tetsujin says:

    3:17 – Perfect for spotting nearby patrols of Tusken Raiders!

  16. rob b says:

    i hate EVERYTHING Apple

  17. Rowan Bird says:

    0:16 “Beganing” -2018 LGR

  18. Iain Holmes says:

    This was my first ever digital camera. I must have genuinely been the first teenager in my town with a Digicam.

  19. Richard says:

    C'mon world, just just get in my computer!

  20. 201lol says:

    It would make a great art construction device, since the picture of the grafiti wall is just amazing, full of vibrant colours (even though if wrongly captured), contrasted by the grey surrounding .
    I love it 😀

  21. Shadowmick M says:

    I sold five back in the day people like them.

  22. I am honestly pretty impressed by the photo's. They are not that bad compared to a lot of other digital camera's from around that time xD They are even better.. or well.. sharper.. than some budget camera's from much later.

  23. Alex McD says:

    "Now you can enjoy your photos the very same day"
    Polaroid: what am I to you then?

  24. Apple actually made something cheap

  25. I was a newspaper photographer when this camera came out. The newspaper's editor handed us the QuickTake and wanted us to stop using our SLR film cameras and use the QuickTake as a cost saving measure. I called it the "hamburger" at the time and wanted to tell him where to shove it. :0)

  26. Most people: The Apple QuickTake is the worst Apple product ever!
    Clint: Hold my beer!

  27. lazibayer says:

    Apple, why don't you put a card slot on your iPhone?
    We didn't do it in 1994. We ain't do'in it now.