Are Review Sample CPUs Cherry-Picked? $H!T Viewers Say 1

February 21, 2018 by 34 Comments

Engineering samples sent to reviewers perform better than what hits retail shelves, right? Today, we’re going to find out…

See the uncut footage for yourself:

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34 Replies to “Are Review Sample CPUs Cherry-Picked? $H!T Viewers Say 1”

  1. Gerald Hand says:

    My name is jerry….you just blew my mind

  2. Btomaek says:

    Same are carry picked most should not be

  3. I'm not someone who thinks you're not honest or something but I think there might be people that'll say this, but you haven't shown the footage of you testing it.
    People may complain about that
    I do believe you
    But maybe consider that 🙂

  4. ehtan98 says:

    Yeah Linus, but what about GPUs?

  5. AidenDaMep says:

    That one person named jerry:

  6. All I saw was a graft. Not the actual process.

  7. How could those skeptic morons saying something like that? We all know big companys never ever tell lies to (future) customers. They are almost like angels.. this must be a nice world you living in.
    I dont say you are a part of that because that would bea little much but totaly deny that these industry giants dont pull any register to let them self apear to be outstanding is pretty naiv. I myself work at an industrial giant in the quality department and i know for fact there special "Press Editions" and special departmens within the companys do nothing else then following the "press editions" throu the whole production process.

  8. Hyena Tube says:

    Can YOU make a motherboard or cpu

  9. MC_ Runde says:

    Get max back!

  10. I wish one of these days that when a youtuber does a random name call, they finally say 'yes YOU, Rooker'

    Sucks having an abnormal name

  11. PepperBean says:

    Lol the 2695 V4 and 2698 V4 engineering samples are both 100Mhz slower than the retail version

  12. Plot twist, Intel starts cherry-picking their cpu after this video

  13. Gndr says:

    The best part was “AMD” throwing his necklace around his neck in anger.

  14. funkemunky says:

    LOL I just noticed the descriptions at 1:53

  15. Shit viewers say seriously

  16. Ben Lin says:

    Those who think major company are cherry-picking cpu to send out to reviewers because they can overclocking to a absurd degree that a normal people can’t do , they are reviewing the $100-$200 cpu using maybe a $500-$1000 motherboard , so it’s possible for them to overclocked high frequency

  17. 2 CPUs isn't a statistically significant sample number. To prove the point you need to redo the testing with ….uum … let's say 998 more CPUs. Please consider posting the p value.

  18. ah, the first-gen ryzens. I'm glad they got the kinks worked out of those

  19. Damir Maatar says:

    Remember the old videos sponsoring some case opening websites with boosted luck

  20. Rat says:

    What? This would be highly illegal. US state and federal law protects consumers from false advertising, and a company could even face criminal charges if the offense is found to constitute fraud. I wouldn't be surprised if punishments for false advertising/fraud were worse in other countriesz

  21. crashed at IDENTICAL settings? normally wouldnt you expect to see a minor variance do to silicon lottery? seems like a conspiracy to me

  22. stevan ewald says:

    This is obviously fake. You obviously bought multiple CPUs and cherry picked the processers so that they match the cherry picked processor that Intel sent you.

  23. Yeah.. Good luck with that.. We can't even get people to believe the earth is not flat…

  24. 4:54 Who else has that water bottle?


  25. Crispy AI says:

    The argument against good binning was really weak. A tiny sample test isn't enough either.

  26. Shadie Emiah says:

    I love you Linus!

  27. I'm officially buying those on taobao

  28. Demeter says:

    6:50 closing the tab

  29. TrophyMaster says:

    Plot Twist, the video is sponsored by AMD and Intel

  30. Eh you’re wrong though. Glad I saw this video in 2020. You were wrong. Intel fan boys will be fanboys no matter what happens. Even when Intel fucks those retards over gen after gen.

  31. J C. says:

    I don't think cpu manufacturers do that. But that was a sample size of 1.

  32. Joran says:

    There actually never came a “shit viewers say 2”

  33. Honestly the fact that people think this is really dumb but one thing I will say I would expect the test anything they send you if not then they are supremely confident but I have a feeling if AMD Intel or even MSI and them ship you gpus I have a feeling that they probably test it to make sure it's up to snuff maybe not but that is something I can definitely see

  34. D'oh Nuts says:

    I love tests that have a sample size of 1.