Easy HOPPER CLOCK TUTORIAL! | How To Build A Hopper Clock

February 3, 2018 by 40 Comments

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today i will walk you through how to build a basic hopper clock! this is a very simple and relatively compact design. this should work pretty much everywhere.








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40 Replies to “Easy HOPPER CLOCK TUTORIAL! | How To Build A Hopper Clock”

  1. wattles says:

    Do you do a lot of redstone builds?

  2. Jerry Meng says:

    how much item makes 1 tick?

  3. Anthony Bury says:

    I have a problem where it just gets stuck, rather than the items flowing into one side and then the other, they just stay somewhere in the middle, one item flickering in and out of one hopper, the others staying on their side. Is there any way I can fix this?

  4. Oh my god your voice back then

  5. Ace Reloads says:

    How long can this timer be fore because the hopper only has 5 spaces And I’m making a 10 minute timer for a mini game

  6. Ash says:

    Your voice dropped an entire register in two years

  7. Wow its really good to see how far u have come wattles

  8. KidTuber42 says:


  9. Simple video. Thank you

  10. dadygee says:

    Shift… thats the key… awesome! tnx!

  11. I know this was made 2 years ago but u only need 2 pieces of redstone dust no repeaters

  12. White Fang says:

    It's etho hopper clock man!

  13. Ridha Jareer says:

    why does wattel sound like a kid

  14. Yoo T says:

    What if I just want to send a quick signal (say a second or two) and then have a long pause before the next signal?

  15. Dovah Elioth says:

    Omg! Ur Voice! Baby wattles <3

  16. so making the general concept is not hard, but i'm making a very very complex redstone build which requires this, but since i don't really understand how this works, it getting really hard for me to make modifications to this clock to use it for what i need. Nice vid by the way.

  17. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for thank you!

  18. Seb Tym says:

    Oh my god he sounds so much younger

  19. Erel Ersahin says:

    Thanks ! İt Helped me so much . My friend builded it to me but it didnt work ;-; so i watched this vid ❤ i hope you reach 1mil

  20. Super helpful! thank you so much!

  21. Aaron says:

    great for my self made iron farm! thank you

  22. LLeaN says:

    I got a problem. 46 items have the same redstone output as 64 items. I wanted to transfer 64 items before the pistons activate, but before transferring 64 items, the pistons activate at 46. I used repeater to extend the time but is there any way to do it? Because 18 repeaters on both sides is bulky. I wanted it to be compact.

  23. Dark_Falcons says:

    This doesn’t work on mcpe cuz we can’t place two hoppers facing each other.

  24. Aiden K says:

    omg thanks soooo much this is just what i was looking for for my gold farm

  25. TheFatNoob says:

    Bruh literal thing is called an Etho Hopper clock … its literally named after the creator .. stop taking credits stupid kid

  26. Rampage says:

    Etho Hopper Clock

  27. it dosent work in 1.16 btw

  28. I’m not sure my math is right, but to make a 25 minute hopper clock, you’d need about 9 stacks of stackable blocks.

    16 blocks = 6 seconds

    16 / 6 = 2.5

    25 minutes = 1,500 seconds

    1,500 / 2.5 = 577

    577 / 64 = 9

    I think, I did a lot of rounding.

  29. Redafex says:

    thanks man, helped in my build, other videos didn't say that it was a sticky piston 🙂

  30. Lil Pond AJV says:

    Wattles sounds like a virgin here

  31. jules 1106 says:

    When i watch a Wattles video and i hear the intro I watch it over and over

  32. OdgeBodge says:

    so u just made a worse etho hopper clock lol

  33. Carter Bos says:

    BRO I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️

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