How to Use MITMf to Man-in-the-Middle Passwords Over Wi-Fi on Kali Linux [Tutorial]

February 26, 2018 by 40 Comments

Use MITM Framework to Capture Passwords Over Local Network
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 006

Networking is built largely on trust. Most devices do not verify that another device is what it identifies itself to be, so long as it functions as expected. In the case of a man-in-the-middle attack, we can abuse this trust by impersonating a wireless access point, allowing us to intercept and modify network data. This can be dangerous for private data, but also be fun for pranking your friends.

In this case, we’ll be intercepting and manipulating traffic from within a local area network, often times a Wi-Fi network connected to a wireless router. Keep in mind that a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack still involves intercepting and modifying traffic, and without permission, this could be illegal depending on your jurisdiction.

MITMf (tool used) –

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40 Replies to “How to Use MITMf to Man-in-the-Middle Passwords Over Wi-Fi on Kali Linux [Tutorial]”

  1. Mitmf does not work anymore

  2. i had to use this command : pactl — set-sink-volume 0 130% to hear him properly :))

  3. llTheBlankll says:

    Do I need 2 Wi-Fi Adapter?

  4. Igor Melo says:

    lol thats so freaking awesome

  5. ventisca says:

    Why could you sniff and modify the website data? Aren't those protected by https?

  6. Igor Melo says:

    why your voice sound like kody ??

  7. do i need a special type of card to do this? does my NIC card needs to be in monitoring mode or can i run it with whatever card is in my computer?

  8. xFlat Forms says:

    Do you need a Network adapter?

  9. Do i need wifi adaptor compulsory

  10. yo lo says:

    Is this compatible with hostapd and dnsmasq?

  11. any mouse says:

    Does bettercap replace this tool now? (mitmf is not in kali repos)

  12. TyrantDevil says:

    i am getting an error that E: Unable to locate package mitmf
    please help

  13. Ur already a su user so why sudo?

  14. you are obviously a smart guy.. ¿ why don't you maximize that terminal window ? !!! I am watching this on my smartphone 🙁

  15. So ur the null byte😍

  16. it says cannot locate the package

  17. James says:

    How so you guys always get it to apt-get right away I always have to manual install it. Is there like a sources.list secret I'm missing?

  18. Although you tell us how to install nobody tells to install the packages from the requirements.txt . I spent my whole day researching on it and now im able to install mitmf..becomes a nightmare for newbies like us

  19. The 2nd command shown in this video is not working in Kali 2020.1b(kali is not finding MITMf). So, I tried to download it(MITMf) manually. But then I was not finding pip/pip2. So, I installed python3 to get pip3 as I was not able to find pip2 anywhere on the Internet. Now, the MIMTf is not working with python3.
    Brother, if u can help me in figuring out this problem it would be a great pleasure for me…

  20. What is this terminal.
    I noticed it fills stuff up

  21. when I type the whole line using (-i eth0) it starts but no information shows and if use (-i wlan0) it says ''Interface wlan0 does not have an assigned IP address

  22. brother ,do i need packet injection adapter or normal???

  23. Saudi -0x0 says:

    Thanx bro ❤environment ❤environment I'm sure Saudi Arabia great job

  24. surely that doesn't work over https?

  25. Michael Inso says:

    Reading package lists… Done

    Building dependency tree

    Reading state information… Done

    E: Unable to locate package mitmf

  26. I like these quick and straightforward tutorials, without too many tiring explanations. This channel is very good.

  27. Tanmay Raj says:

    do i need a wireless adapter for arp spoofing attack

  28. Rahul R says:

    wheres no blink guy

  29. As we all know; all web browser uses https so if we try to inject script in the packet browser will detect it automatically so will it really work ?

  30. Alex says:

    just slam a compressor on, or normalize, your sound tracks and we're in business bro

  31. Vapour lust says:

    I did everything right but for some reason its not working, is it because the victim is on their phone or

  32. Vapour lust says:

    Do i have to set my adapter on monitor mode before doing this

  33. Yo wassp says:

    System Popup : to keep your ears healthy would you like to reduce the volume to 50%
    Me : wait letme explain

  34. Pagol Chuda says:

    My mitmf is not working plz someone help me

  35. enable to locate package mitf, how to fix this?

  36. sarim haq says:

    hey please help i cannot install the tool by any means on 2020.3

  37. Techa Holic says:

    The sound is Low a little

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