LGR – Restoring & Exploring a 1985 Tandy 1000 PC

February 2, 2018 by 44 Comments

Radio Shack’s Tandy 1000 computer system is one of the great 1980s IBM PC(jr) compatibles, and this one needs some loving. Join me in getting this legendary machine back to better-than-new condition!

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44 Replies to “LGR – Restoring & Exploring a 1985 Tandy 1000 PC”

  1. LGR says:

    To clarify the vacuum usage: I was not vacuuming, I was only using a shop vac's compressor to blow air out of the nozzle and move loose dust chunks out of the way. Actually vacuuming computer parts using suction is a bad idea 🙂

  2. I'm pretty sure a friend of mine had one of these in his bed room when we were 7 or 8. We played Kings Quest 2 on it, and I think we typed profanities into the game to be performed.

  3. Dknife9 says:

    The print-out of the date in the upper right when deskmate is running is interesting "01/18/;8" Wonder if this is a coding limitation due to the year being after 2000, or just some other small glitch?

  4. zcvt05 says:

    I'm not sure the PC Jr was all that unpopular. My father must of done 1000 mem upgrades. A lot of my friends had them. Maybe regional?

  5. ra ker says:

    My first computer was a TRS-80 color computer, purchased with Lawn mowing money when I was 12-13.

    My second computer was a hand me down Tandy 1000 SX I got in 1993 after I got out of the Army. It was 640k ram, and had the 40mb hard card. I remember wanting to learn how to clean it up and reinstall it, so I read up on it from the manuals (no internet at the time).

    The DOS version was 3.3 and it only supported 32MB hard disks, which meant it had a C partition with 32MB and a D partition for the other 8MB (I did not understand this at the time).  I copied all the stuff I thought might be important to the 8MB D drive, then I booted from a floppy and started experimenting with system files and stuff. When I repartitioned the drive, I realized that I had deleted everything because I only had one real drive, not two as I had thought.

    I ended up bothering one of the room monitor guys at the college computer study lab,and he taught me a few things about how it actually worked and gave me a copy of a DOS 5 install disk. Thus began my first PC reinstall, and here I am 27 or so years later with a long satisfying career in computer technology.

  6. J S says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome it of history. It truly takes me back

  7. toomdog says:

    I had a Tandy HD-1000 when I was 12 years old. I never had any games for it, but I learned basic. Mine had a monochrome monitor; never knew they came with color monitors.
    Seeing this really brought me back!

  8. The Tandy 1000a was a huge part of my childhood, such nostalgia from watching this. I had a lot of frustration as a kid learning to program on this not-quite-pc-conpatible, wondering why audio and graphics code I found in books didn't always work correctly.
    Our Tandy ended up pretty much decked out in the end, though it never had a hard disk. We got the memory expander card and had 384k for a while, then later populated the empty dip sockets for the full 640k. We added a Game Blaster (simultaneously amazing, and disappointing).
    The upgrade I still ponder over was the 286 processor upgrade board. An 8-bit ISA board, upgrading the computer to a 286. It wasn't as fast as the 286-12mhz computer I had later, but it was vastly faster than the stock Tandy 1000a, and made it possible to play games that simply wouldn't run at all on the 8088.
    One difference that I found surprising while watching this video — I lamented for years that our Tandy 1000a was not equipped with a serial port, and having all three ISA slots full, we had no means to add one. The computer only had the parallel, video and lightpen ports on the back, and the keyboard and joystick ports on the front. I didn't know until seeing this video that these 1000a machines were available with serial ports at all.

  9. Had to use a Tandy 1000SX in an office for my part-time job in college. It did Spreadsheets ok, but R:BASE was slow as crap and the hard cards for the Tandy were slow.

  10. Snu says:

    oh man, this was our first family computer, i think it was an original 1000. problem was, we had a black and white monitor for it, and very little software. i had NO idea what it was actually capable of, and when we got an ibm pc at, it seemed WAY better with 16 color graphics and an actual hard drive… wish i had actually been able to utilize this machine to its potential when we had it.

  11. LGR is one of those channels that you watch when you get home from work/school to just relax.

  12. mcrsit says:

    3:10 dumb ass chick typing at the case rather than the monitor lol

  13. Larry Shurr says:

    So, Ed Judge probably had a mustache you say?

  14. M Chaturvedi says:

    I had upgraded My Tandy 1000 with interface to use Apple software.

  15. M Chaturvedi says:

    I still have some of the software for Tandy and associated Apple software somewhere in boxes. Donated the computer just thee years ago. Held it for almost 30 years thinking I will run it again.

  16. I resently bought a tandy 1000 for my computer collection (Im 15 and this was the second computer in my collection as the first one i brought was a VIC 20) And I really liked it. Playing all the great games was great

  17. ISOHaven says:

    So we're just going to ignore the fact that the Hulk was selling Tandy's?

  18. pbee73 says:

    I had a Tandy 1000EX back in 1985, loved it. There is a command file called "Shiptrak" on your DIR as well. I remember loading it and the screen echo's off, you hear a beep and flashing letters at the top of the screen read 'Remove power from the system now!!!' Can anyone tell me what that program is for exactly? I been wondering that for the past 40 years!

  19. tdark987 says:

    14:4514:50 Thankfully by this point they had gotten rid of the slot for loading software from punched stone tablets… >_>

  20. I wonder how much extra speed an 8087 would provide? They're about $5 on ebay…

  21. B Dre says:

    My family's first computer ever! It pretty much changed my life. I remember vividly playing endless hours of the Black Cauldron on it

  22. X X says:

    It looks like an old computer.

  23. neil says:

    can it run valorant pls me hwid banned need new cheap pc

  24. The OG Tandy 1000. The very first computer I owned, was my graduation gift. Really wish I held on to it when the FDD died. I still have the memory upgrade I bought for it. Although it only brought it up to 384k.

  25. Jeff M says:

    Toss an NEC V20 processor in it.

  26. 15:43 been doing this for the past three months while stuck at home

  27. Matt Lee says:

    i wanted to revel in the excitement of tandy

  28. R3dDra90n says:

    Aww man I had this was my first computer ever. I am so glad I found this video. It brings me back to the good old days. I unfortunately destroyed it when trying to take it apart when I was younger. Stupid younger me. I would like to find one and relive that part of my childhood. There was a lot of games and other programs I didn't play with when I was growing up, but. I did play pacman, wheel of fortune and jeopardy. I love this channel so much. I've coming here more often to remember to good times. I recently lost my father on May 16th 2020, and I've been very nostalgic lately. Again that you, it's just bringing me back.

  29. the hevy says:

    Imagine someone made rgb fans and out that into the PC

  30. Rob Elliott says:

    This was the first computer my family had in the house.. but we had it in 1988.

  31. My God, 25 years of foresight for going with AMD, if only they had used that on smartphones, maybe radio shack would have survived

  32. That was such a throwback for me. My very first PC when I was 10 or 11 was a Tandy 1000TX. Dad got it with 640k of memory and the optional 3.5" floppy drive. My PC looked exactly like yours right down to the keyboard. I remember he bought a Panasonic 9pin dot matrix printer to go with it. I remember booting up on DOS 3.1 and playing so many of the Sierra games such and Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest and Manhunter. I even remember getting a PC magazine that had code for writing a snake game. Thanks for posting that video and bringing back so many fond memories. FYI, I still love DOS.

  33. can dosbox emulate tandy sound?

  34. George Helms says:

    If you don't use your Tandy 1000, will Bill Bixby get mad turn into Lou Ferrigno and come to you house to wreck your stuff?

  35. Cody The Rat says:

    3:10 what is with this advertisement? What is she looking at?

  36. Yass Djell says:

    1:20 Wait, it's the guy who play dr Banner in the 70' TV show "Hulk", right ?

  37. James Miller says:

    I have Used the Tandy 1000RLX it was a nice version the Tandy Family we got it from a yard sale for like $25 dollars i wish new what happen to it was my first PC

  38. UsernameUser says:

    I'm looking to buy a goggle by Tandy

  39. Fell Man says:


    That's what you'd pay for a high end gaming pc!

  40. Rand0081 says:

    I remember that Charlie Chaplin AD from IBM. The flyer contained a buzzer inside a fold which played Fur Elise.

  41. Why do all the pac man games from back then all look the same? even the bootleg versions…wasnt anyone interested in making any mods to the maze and making it different or more fun at all?

  42. TheJ602 says:

    The lemmings game struggled

  43. This was the machine I was first exposed to PC's on! Great memories…..I was enchanted immediately