Parts from the Oil-cooled PC – Do they still work???

February 22, 2018 by 41 Comments

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Will our previously oil-cooled video card & motherboard work after all this time?

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41 Replies to “Parts from the Oil-cooled PC – Do they still work???”

  1. When we clean dj equipment, we take it apart and use vinegar and alcohol to clean it after rinsing with warm water. Then your equipment works again without shorting out 😉

  2. Metal Face says:

    I would so use that damaged board, and tape the RAM into the slot lmao

  3. Metal Face says:

    Linus you should sell me this so I could repair and use it, lmfao

  4. William Su says:

    Linus should make a video on filling a watercooler with mineral oil

  5. Thomas Stern says:

    "There are a couple of things to contend with when it comems to dealing with mineral oil, now the main things is the mineral oil…"


  7. alex1 says:

    A 1000 $ ???? Just get a damn fish tank.

  8. exd afrianz says:

    instead of mineral oil, what about silicone oil or they call it siloxane scientifically

  9. Says technology excites him more than naked people, his Google history says otherwise lol.

  10. The least valuable thing that you would wreck is still dreams to myself…DANG😂😂😂

  11. This was the first video i opened after i cleaned my pc… Then we get linus go blue… Nearly Crapped myself.

  12. MC CG says:

    oh crap thank god i saw this video, this is 2020 and i was think I will build a mineral PC myself… now that i know that mineral oil will degrade the plastic components… hell no…

  13. He casually just has 4 threadrippers lying around

  14. I think crc electronic parts cleaner would really help clean up the oil off that board

  15. K Wick says:

    Could you rinse it with hexane/heptane? Should be soluble then the hexane solvent would evaporate easily

  16. K Wick says:

    I'd use silicone or PFFE oil

  17. which sausage fingered moron broke the ram slot?

  18. Lordenzus says:

    2020 still triggering Heart attacks

  19. soullegend5 says:

    I knew putting a pc in mineral oil was fucking stupid

  20. Is it possible just to soak the oil with a bath of IPA 80?

  21. My pc stutters a lot, every hour even not in a game. Been figuring out for months what it could be (Issue started 8 months ago), and when I head that sound then saw the blue screen, I freaked the fuck out XD

  22. Faragar says:

    Does drip-drying work at all, or does there need to be an additional process to remove all of the oil?

  23. cant you just blow the oil off with pressurized air?

  24. God fucking damn it, that BSOD scared the fucking bagooliboogles out of me.

  25. Does mineral oil dissolve in isopropyl alcohol? Lol soak it in 100% isopropyl then let it dry. Or if its non-conductive . . . Run it in the alcohol. 🔥

  26. 1.2k dislikes are mineral oil damage deniers

  27. My favorite part is seeing Linus suffer

  28. T K says:

    "Rubbermaid bin, in gray~" totally cracked me up because of the choice of tone.

  29. How would you clean the mineral oil off? And didn't you try and clean it at least a little before testing? Not even some paper towels…

  30. Static Shock says:

    Imagine having a shelf that is full of cores and other for gpus /motherboards

  31. God imagine having a whole cabinet dedicated to CPUs @1:42

    Just has a casual 5 thread rippers in a stack no biggie

  32. Zishan Ali says:

    6:32 Jokes on you. Typing from a Macbook

  33. Someone tell me what that clip of the chick accidentally destroying the test bench setup is from 😂💀

  34. Catawom says:

    Did anyone else feel Linus' pain when he said, "God i'm getting old.", yes it was there and i felt it. Then at the end card, with the sponsor, he sounded so unenthused and upset at the fact he'll never get his good years back. This man is a time capsule that holds everything wholesome in our reality and the flicker of light that he once had shine bright, is now flickering away. He is the embodiment of Christmas morning, when you were a kid, and when you would wake up and the only things on your mind were presents, comfort, and stability. I love you lines, you are like my dads cool friend that has a really deep connection with my father, but i rarely see you. Thank you. Carry on.

  35. Sahil says:

    Dude I was on my PC watching this video and at 6:33 I thought my PC just crashed😂

  36. Please gift me my first pc

  37. josh7120 says:

    Cant you just break clean the fucking parts??

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