Use 2FA Keys to Access Your Advanced Protected Google Account on Any Device [Tutorial]

February 16, 2018 by 10 Comments

How to Set Up Google Advanced Protect on Any Device
Full Tutorial:
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 005

– Setting up Advanced Protection on Windows: 0:45
– Using keys on Kali Linux: 4:30
– Using keys on Arch: 9:40
– Using keys on macOS: 10:31
– Using keys on Android devices 11:05
– Using keys on iOS devices 12:06

For celebrities, business owners, human rights workers, and other security-conscious users, the threat of phishing can be reduced substantially by mastering the use of U2F devices. Since you’ll invariably be using both mobile and desktop devices at some point, it is critical to practice logging in with these tokens to ensure you can do so under stress.

The process for accessing your Google account with Advanced Protection isn’t the same for Windows, iOS, Linux, or Android, so depending on which operating system you use, you may be limited in the types of U2F devices you can use.

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10 Replies to “Use 2FA Keys to Access Your Advanced Protected Google Account on Any Device [Tutorial]”

  1. Nick says:

    Very interesting!

  2. can you make a video on password managers and how secure they are or not?

  3. Do you know if there is limit to how many security keys can be linked to a Google account?

  4. Hello there, I just wanted to ask you kindly to accept my thanks and gratitude for such an awesome video tutorial about how to use 2FA Security Key. I really appreciate all of that information, as I have been thinking about MultiPass FIDO Security Key lately.

  5. Atticus H says:

    nastynards, lol

  6. Atticus H says:

    NFC should work for iOS now. Got a video update?

  7. A better solution would be to steer away from Google these days, also, 2 factor authentication as it stands is flawed at it's core, what's required is a 3 factor authentication process that is only accessible via the initial individual within their specific parameters known only by them and not the device('s) both on a hardware and software level, we are still in infancy on digital technology security, worldwide

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  9. AFA Design says:

    Hi, I accidentally clicked on something that enrolled me to advance protection program and unfortunately I signed out from my account and now doesn't allow me to sign back in to my gmail and message me that: "To sign in, you'll need to register security keys". I don't need that and I was wondering how can I disable the advanced protection for my Gmail and sign back in to my account?
    Thank you

  10. Sammy Tice says:

    Damn, sucks because while I have 3 U2F compatible keys, none of them are Bluetooth and my phone can't do NFC. So even though I have a Yubikey 5C that can be used as a security key on my mobile (or for Yubico Authenticator), my computer doesn't have a USB-C port to register it for Advanced Protection. The other two only really work for desktop, the Yubikey 5 and a Trezor One (yes, you can use a Trezor One crypto hardware wallet as a U2F security key. Also, I believe you can restore your credentials just like you would with a crypto wallet if you lose it, something you can't do with Yubikeys).