Wireless Redstone [vertical] | Minecraft

February 11, 2018 by 33 Comments

I made a simple vertical wireless redstone device using daylight sensors. It can easily be used to turn on and off a device far below you. The y bud would update randomly even without a player near by so I couldn’t use it. Enjoy!

Wireless redstone for nether and end: https://youtu.be/U3qkB4QYKHA

trackmanie’a y bud-https://youtu.be/MSt_sN9MdyA
goohz’s y bud- https://youtu.be/R6Dhmnn1gmU

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Rays Works


33 Replies to “Wireless Redstone [vertical] | Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    I forgot to mention that I didn't go with the Y-Bud because it can randomly update even with players 100+m away. So that's why I made a new way to make vertical wireless redstone.

  2. Eric says:

    nice man very helpful

  3. Haroon Khan says:

    Can you hide it with anything? Like glass, slabs, carpet, string, blocks like fences?

  4. Beau Hart says:

    When I want to know something about minecraft ray has it.

  5. So smart! Accual WIRELESS REDSTONE!

    It's only limit is it has to be vertical, but that's about it!

    (Read some of the comments- another limitation might be "thunderstorm signals", but it's still worth it!)

  6. inflnity says:

    I need one that is wireless from bottom to top

  7. Who else came here from Mumbo Jumbo's video???

  8. LuckyGames says:

    Yup… You guessed it…


  9. Red says:

    I think mumbo jumbo used this for his new farm

  10. itarfer says:

    so this only works with a signal being sent down, ya? There's no way to wirelessly send a pulse upwards?

  11. iaknihsX2 says:

    now if only we could use beacons or something to send signals upwards through the air, too…

  12. Wow never thought of that
    Of course comparators compare 🤯
    Gonna use this in my mob farm from afk spot 128 blocks from sea level

  13. I tested this out and the delay seems to be random but not fully random because when i put 2 next to each other and powered both at the same time the pistons would always extend and retract at the same time, any ideas?

  14. Camplayz ! says:

    Who came here from Mumbo jumbos vid

  15. There should one Problem that comes in my mind. I did not tested it yet. But your system probably will not work when there is maximum darkness. The most dark time if the night. Basically the both daylight sensors will emit the same Signal regardless of the block over them

  16. so usefull… i love wireless redstone. the target block is my favorite after daylight sensor

  17. does this still work on java edition?? i've replicated it 1 to 1 in a creative world and its not working 🙁

  18. Alxdusty says:

    Now we only need vertical sun sensors and we officially have that

  19. Prod by TiG says:

    Mine doesnt work at night

  20. Is there a version that works in the end?

  21. Snoe says:

    Does this still work in 1.16?

  22. you dont need that anymore

  23. yoursoobaad says:

    1.17 is adding wireless Redstone now 🙂

  24. Neptune says:

    What if you:

    Wanted Sculk Sensor.

    But Mojang said:

    D A Y L I G H T S E N S O R .

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