56 Cores in ONE SYSTEM! – HOLY $H!T

March 19, 2018 by 36 Comments

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36 Replies to “56 Cores in ONE SYSTEM! – HOLY $H!T”

  1. K50 says:

    linus seems like the guy who would pursue a career in tech to fix his grandmas computer

  2. PrzeszczepiX says:

    i'm going to buy this Xeon 8180 CPU

    in 2030, when it will cost $50 on aliexpress

  3. Ie would still hang

  4. 28 CORE CPU

  5. metty 214 says:

    But can it run Minecraft?

  6. load a game and can it push the quick game load and FPS quality and any thing you can throw at it. and that much power is insane.

  7. Peter Pham says:

    3990x: Hold my threads

  8. Diego Tejeda says:

    but can it run crysis 3?

  9. Hulig[4]n says:

    Panie ile fps w cs? 😀

  10. Hey There says:

    Why does my slow i7 quad core 7820hq score higher in single core on Cinebench than the xeon 48 core intel 8168 cpu?

  11. Username says:

    Just casually watching this as I'm eyeing an epyc 7551 32 core 3.0ghz all core boost on eBay for $650.

  12. ShArKy SpIkE says:

    really annoying delivery…just give us the facts please

  13. einherz says:

    intel: hm, i have to make better chipset
    amd: uhah, i have to add some core
    intel: oh, i can both
    amd: take my eeeeeeeeem take my eeeeeeeeeeeeeem take my eeeeeeeeeeeeeem
    intel: ibm?
    amd: shut up bitch!

  14. mrdany 28 says:

    ricegum:flexis money
    linus tech: 2:28

  15. me: laughs in 3990x

  16. Amd

    Hold my beer

  17. GameCyborg says:

    "who puts 4 u. 2 drives in a system" meanwhile in the present Linus built new whonnock which has 24 nvme ssds

  18. FlamedSin says:

    I was looking for a new processor and just out of curiosity I searched a 50 core and God almighty how did I find one
    Holy $h!t

  19. diecast jam says:

    Later on that year the i9 9900k came out and was only about 1200 points under these 2 28 core processors, lol.

  20. travis moore says:

    Try putting a super computing A64FX chip in a laptop

  21. Santa Plant says:

    0:40 “these are unrelated” people talking about me

  22. The Xextreem says:

    Now you can Dual socket Epyc Rome CPU with 128 cores and 256 threats Intel get there asses kicked left and right

  23. Damn it I love your video it reminds me of my uncle who was way advance for his time. Has anyone heard of Intel Xeon Platinum 8260 and 8280?

  24. any suggestion to optimise a PC to run MPI applications? price range of 10-12k USD is intended. Thanks

  25. Just_Kevin says:

    56 core on processor,6 stick of ram

    Crysis remake : i'm out dude…I'M SERIOUSLY MAN!

    Minecraft : Oh…ok

  26. XSnorIqX says:

    56 cores


  27. zips . exe says:

    10.000 FPS on minecraft

  28. Codeplayer says:

    8:08 "Theven thousand" :'D

  29. DragonBusa says:

    In 2018 crypto coins were popular I see.

  30. amd threadripper 3990x has entered the chat

  31. Addi Korn says:

    they even dropped a mazon link for the Xeons

  32. Mrs Malfoy says:

    him: linking the products in the description
    me: ' Ahaha you,ve ᵒᵛᵉʳᵉˢᵗᶦᵐᵃᵗᵉᵈ my ʷᵃˡˡᵉᵗ"