23 Replies to “Casually Explained: Men’s Fashion”

  1. Literally my style consists of me grabbing random pieces of comfortable clothing that I acquired from Salvation Army…

  2. Phoebe Yang says:

    2020: comfcore is in

  3. Bro I'm still wearing my Finnish wool pants from '83

  4. 3:49 that thing looks like molly

  5. LMAO I do that all the time in Zoom
    I wear a button up with a tie, but I'm in my boxers or basketball shorts

  6. You know he joked about comfcore but now thats how most people are working

  7. Raqha says:

    The way he predicted Home Office normality…


  9. Colin says:

    Ayo I got the drip 🤫

  10. Seth Stone says:

    All black squad, yes even during summer months!!! 😤

  11. John Theurer says:

    Can I just shop at H&M and wear jeans everywhere? No?

  12. That techware guys jacket is really coll, anyone know where to order one.

  13. Jinxbro says:

    I don't give a shit anymore I just wear a pair of jeans and a hoodie

  14. Progect says:

    6:15 me binging casually explained: how meta!

  15. i just want a coat with a shit ton of pockets

  16. there's a u2b top10 list?

  17. 1:14 well that didnt age well at all

  18. Raahi Saoji says:

    I'm a woman. Wtf YouTube recommended this video to me . Duh

  19. Jier says:

    huh… I just wear oversized shirt and jacket so I look like a blob because I'm not confident of my shape

  20. Ryan Hettel says:

    My freind walks around in a professor outfit with a suitcase

  21. Hello There says:

    The fuck is fashion? Shorts and a t-shirt are the way to go