LGR – The Original IBM Think Pad

March 19, 2018 by 26 Comments

Long before IBM made notebook computers, they made actual notebooks. These were pads with the word “THINK” printed on it, making it a literal “think pad.” Direct inspiration for the later ThinkPad machines, too!

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26 Replies to “LGR – The Original IBM Think Pad”

  1. brtshstel says:

    2:06 I'm surprised it doesn't also smell like stale cigarette smoke considering it's from the 1950s

  2. DestyNova says:

    Now that is a real think pad right there. Old school as al hell.

  3. PrettyTony says:

    I like Think as a slogan. It’s simple but effective for business.

  4. the most boring company ever made

  5. Yarumasi says:

    I expected to click on this and it have been uploaded on April 1st. Close enough…..!

  6. Lone Wolf says:

    and now its owned by the chinese… they do the thinking for us

  7. Baffle says:

    Plot twist: The Original iPad was exactly the same, except it was just an "i"

  8. Baffle says:

    4:38 That makes sense – always wondered why their laptops are called 'Pad'.

  9. 4:32 how eerie, it looked like he was going to put it into the slot on the computer, like storage medium! 😱

  10. Man I wish they still made these, that would be such a nice pocket pad to keep on me. I end up just buying those super cheap spiral-bound ones so I can jot down ideas and reminders. Especially since it folds at the top and has no rings, it wouldn't get in the way of my nightmare-ish, claw-like left handed grip I have on my pen.

  11. Paul Wetor says:

    Classic IBM joke:
    Three IBM staffers – a salesman, a hardware engineer, and a software engineer – are out for a drive when the car has a flat tire.

    The salesman says, "We need a new car."

    The hardware engineer says, "Let's swap tires until we figure out which one is flat."

    The software engineer says, "Let's just wait. Maybe the problem will fix itself."

  12. I got a modern "think pad" notepad when i was working for IBM a year ago before i left. It was nice and had half the pages lined for writing and half dotted for diagrams.

    Ended up using mine to plan dungeons for my D&D campaign.

  13. Will it run doom?

  14. Pandaoniman says:

    Thomas Watson vs Alan Watts

  15. I thought this one was click bait 😂 j/k I enjoy all of your videos. 👍

  16. YamiSatoshi says:

    3:50 "I think, therefore IBM."

    I guess you could say they really didn't "think" that slogan through.

  17. Derrick Mims says:

    Let's talk about your poor choice of Pilot Metro instead of a 1960s -80s vintage stainless steel Parker Jotter. I am disappoint, Clint. 😉

    IBM also made a fantastic pencil called the Electrographic, with a soft dark lead developed for the early "scantron" type machines.. I have a few of them, but usually they go now for about $10 each. The mechanical pencil lead version is more affordable and just as good.

  18. Imran Sheikh says:

    Aaah, this adds a whole new dimension to Apple's Think Different slogan!

  19. J says:

    The olfactory inquisitions of LGR

  20. Linux Fish says:

    Is this made from Pinguin leather? 😀

  21. lukmly013 says:

    I'd immediately try to order refills

  22. TonyBMan says:

    We need to staple these to some ppls heads because they don't THINK @ all.

  23. Stephen Sela says:

    so this notepad is going to help me to do what?

  24. Rosebud says:

    Finnaly, a Thinkpad that i can afford