Overclocking a 56-Core Server – Is there ANY point?

March 25, 2018 by 37 Comments

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Is overclocking a server an exercise in futility?

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37 Replies to “Overclocking a 56-Core Server – Is there ANY point?”

  1. Hugo Simões says:

    Linus Exercise Tips

  2. RetroDec says:

    What is this madness, this man posseses water blocks. 2B2T players better chase him right now.

  3. cdreid9999 says:

    Overclocking a high core cpu is 100x a more important than overclocking a low core (Hi intel) cpu. And overclocking is only wothwhile if you get a Signifficant bump in capability. If you have 16 threads 200 or 400 mhz is MASSIVE, (an extra core or two). IF youre gaming it means nothing. In terraflops term its a tiny improvement.

  4. Jim Flagg says:

    When you BCLK overclock you have to cool every thing. You have to also over volt things like the south bridge and ram. This is old school over clocking and very hard because it is hard to know what device is causing the problems.

  5. what you need to over clock that shit for your glue …… an what are you using the hard ware for ?

  6. Mark Arnott says:

    🤵🎤LEARN🎶 how to Scratching A video >Using the number keys & video speed🎵 TRY THIS >>

    Hit O.5 speed and THE No 7 and 9 oh and O alot Haa 🤪👍🎵 sounds like 👋 🎵

  7. Phil Campana says:

    Love these types of videos! I feel like you've stopped making ones like this

  8. Kippers says:

    "cut my computer into pieces, My computer is a piece of shit"

  9. JEISKO says:

    Did he even reset cmos inbetween?

  10. Arjun PV says:

    But…. Can it run Crysis?

  11. Brent Polk says:

    You have the body of a Caveman Pixie Twink Elf..

  12. I’m watching Linus go mad from ambition

  13. "The original Duke Nukem is the reason why Stallone and Schwarzenegger had harsh times collecting their stuff togheter… The skull was okay, too." 🗨😏🕹🤖🎴💀🌈💫

  14. Van Peters says:

    Spread spectrum on

  15. Big Stonks says:

    Amd epyc processors have 64 cores already.

  16. Mr. Jordan like this Video, Nail It xD

  17. Angel says:

    nowone say anything about the golden butt plug in the corner 9:52

  18. Jack Guster says:

    Drops computer 2 sec in lol jk

  19. Thank you for the instructions, by the way they were shit xdxd

  20. brianbp4f says:

    "Cut my computer into pieces, it is a piece of shit!" best Linus cover

  21. Joseph Kool says:

    What test bench is Lyonel using. It looks sweet. I want one

  22. Tristris 389 says:

    Overclocking 64 core Threadripper, Is there any point?

  23. I - says:

    in 8 years watch someone laugh at this with their one 64 core CPU with 1 TB of ram

  24. Cut my life in to pieces

    This is my last regret

    Snipped my pinky with some scissors..

  25. John Adan says:

    Chipset didn’t help 😕🤣

  26. Thats almost as good ad my gpu overclock on my pi from 500 to 501mhz. 502 wont boot.

  27. solen18 says:

    my ryzen 9 3900x gets a higher cenebench than this does.

  28. Oliver sheen says:

    Lol that drive issue happened to me the other day had to format and reinstall windows

  29. Galax LordCZ says:

    Linus: we overclocked 56 cores!!!!!
    Threadripper users 2020: So what? We do that with 1 cpu and we have 8 more cores.

  30. 4+2 Gaming says:

    Overclocking 56 Core Server? Laughes in TR 3990X.

  31. AMD Epyc be like: "Amateurs "

  32. Pedro Santos says:

    Now you can run Arma 3

  33. This is the exact setup I have, albeit with 8276L chips instead of 8280. My experience with attempting to overclock this machine is that if you somehow manage to get it stable (which is almost impossible while running 12 ECC DIMMs at their proper frequencies) it just eats so much power that you can't use it like that in practice. The power consumption during light browsing / office workloads quickly exceeds 250W (whole system) and your room gets far too hot for comfort. Plus long term stability becomes a problem. I ended up sticking to stock settings and just slightly tuning the Balanced performance profile in Windows so that SpeedStep (or whatever they're calling it these days) doesn't go all the way down to 5%.

  34. Taylor Neal says:

    XEON: "Nooo! you can't just overclock me! That's not good! I'll heat up like a oven and i'll kill all my pins and ruin myself! Don't over clock me, noooo!"

    Linus: "hehe, number goes vrooom."

  35. Pear SB says:

    Whoever edited this should be awarded with a panda plushie an 69 grains of rice

  36. Lunchbox13 says:

    Man it is so funny that a workstation cpu now has more cores than his multi cpu setup that cost so much more money…