Simple Item Detector Tutorial | Compact , Redstone Lamp , 1.13

March 3, 2018 by 24 Comments


This tutorial will teach you how to make a light turn on when there is an item in a chest. This is very compact and simple to build.








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24 Replies to “Simple Item Detector Tutorial | Compact , Redstone Lamp , 1.13”

  1. Supxrstar says:

    interesting interesting…I like it 🙂 LIKED

  2. Ang3loS3A says:

    WOW, you are such a great youtuber, i love how you explain your tutorials, very helpful, thank you! 🙂

  3. N22H says:

    thank you, i used this on an auto cooked chicken farm 😀

  4. I used this for an adventure map I'm making for my friend, but instead of a Redstone lamp I took a pulse from the Redstone and connected it to a dropper to give out a book. Thx, this was a really important part and I didn't know what to do💗

  5. Teleporter with ender chest, dropper, drops item into chest, operates mechanism to trigger my floating ender pearl to touch a block, brings me wherever I am back to my teleporter location

  6. I built a quest that requires the player to poison a rat nest by putting an item in a barrel

  7. can you put more redstone lamps on top of the 1st redstone lamp?

  8. Is there a way to make the light turn on when a hopper is receiving items ?

  9. Louie Avila says:

    You can make it smaller (2×3) by placing comparator behind chest then block. Redstone lamp below chest, block then restone.

  10. Jake Pilapil says:

    How can I put the redstone lamp on the side???

    Im making an item sorter that detects when the chest is full or has an item on it

  11. KirDoesMc says:

    How can I make the requirement a stack?

  12. BB_ Botty says:

    Thank you this tutorial was very helpful

  13. Kelly Kilmer says:

    I have forgot how to do this and you just made me remember so on my TikTok I will give you a shout out

  14. GachaPlayz says:

    Didn't work 🙁 was it bc I was on Java edition or something?

  15. Andrew P says:

    Oh my God his voice has changed so much. He hit puberty hard

  16. Thanks going to use that in my store and also if u use a barrel u can place the red stone lamp on top of the barrel

  17. Ty VB says:

    I’m making a superstore in my server has about 100 items that I’m selling so I kinda needed a system that allows me to see what’s in stock

  18. Khaz'o says:

    what if theres a hopper behind the chest? how will that work?

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