Sony Digital Mavica: 1997 Floppy Disk Camera Experience

March 12, 2018 by 23 Comments

Trying out a trio of classic Sony Digital Mavica cameras! And of course, the big reason why I want to do that is because they use 3.5″ floppy diskettes to store photos at anywhere from 640×480 to 1280×960 resolution.

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23 Replies to “Sony Digital Mavica: 1997 Floppy Disk Camera Experience”

  1. LGR says:

    If you'd like to see more of the photos I took with the MVC-FD5, check out this album of images!

  2. Back then with that camera when your were done taking picture you got to put it in your computer

  3. I have an FD7 my dad gave me one day from his work

  4. Riaz says:

    Ah, Sony's favourite price point. $599 US Dollars.

  5. sclr says:

    Low light shots are great on the fd5! Really surprised.

  6. Jesse F says:

    My primary school had one of these that I remember using a lot in grade 6 (2002). From memory it could have been an FD75 – I'm desperately trying to remember the layout of the Power and Eject buttons! We didn't have a digital camera at home until 2004 so I was absolutely enamoured with the Mavica when I first used it, especially given how easy it was to access the photos. This was indeed a very enjoyable trip down memory lane.

  7. multimood says:

    I love my FD75, still use it a lot

  8. Can we still by the camara🤔🤔

  9. working out in the field, and laying out future growth, etc…we used a ricoh (300?), it was CF but sooooo much better than the mavicas in bright sun light.

  10. I remember having one of these

  11. Tristinfate says:

    I collect everything Mavica, I have every released model from the A7AF through all the CD Mavicas, all boxed and in mint working condition even the A7AF which you need a huge piece of equipment to view the photos on a monitor, I have 3 of the Sony Mavica VF-50 disk viewers/recorders and two different color printers for them.
    They are such fun to collect each with their own quirks and features.
    The A7AF takes kinda cool artsy photos , very creamy blurred backgrounds (and since it's not even 1/3rd megapixel creamy slightly blurred subjects) especially when printed with one of the Sony Mavica dye sublimation printers. It's funny that after all these years I find that 95% of the info-lithium batteries still work perfectly fine!

  12. Mr R says:

    wow, my mom bought me this camera when I went on a short overseas school trip during high school maaaany years ago. It was real weird hauling stacks of floppies to take pics on. Then I got home and several of the disks were unreadable, a bit sad but oh well.

  13. pslavi says:

    Awesome! My first Digital camera !! I still have photos from back then I can look at and I love it!

  14. The idea of a floppy disk grinding away with its iconic noise every time you take a picture puts a smile on my face. That's amazing.

  15. thetype39 says:

    Hello. I just want to say, impressed this review and now I want to use daily "classic" digital camera myself. As I know "Canon Powershot 350" is the only one that takes 640*480 while record on CF card, which currently daily usable medium. Otherwises record on internal which require SCSI or 9-pin serial, or media that hard to use current PC environment such as PCMCIA or floppy disks like Mavica. Do you know any other camera that can useable daily? Or any plan to review Canon Powershot 350?

  16. Shizon84 says:

    I just now found an FD75 camera from Goodwill with it's battery, charger, and original manuals and coupons.

  17. Heidi B says:

    Found a Sony Mavica CD on a govt. auction site currently at $5 !

  18. R. Z. says:

    My dad had one from work. This was the first digital camera I ever played with. It was revolutionary for me… No analog film? Pictures on a floppy disk? But floppy disk contained games and data!

  19. SteelRodent says:

    I once upon a time bought a computer magazine that had a Mavica ad which included a floppy disk taped to the page. IIRC the floppy contained an interactive presentation of the camera (think a Shockwave thing) and some sample photos of what it could do. Never cared for the camera, but it was neat concept if nothing else.

  20. Tim Seibert says:

    Finally got one of these bad boys! Still impressed how well they work today. (considering the age)

  21. I used to sell Digital Cameras at Fry's when these were current gen technology. The majority of people who bought the FD and CD Mavicas were Real Estate agents who wanted an easy and low cost option to distribute to their clients.

  22. I had this camera growing up! It’s crazy to see it again after so many years. Never knew the name of it.

  23. I can’t express how fantastic these videos are. Thank you for making these. Just awesome.