Installing Laptop RAM into Desktop!?

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Have you ever wondered if you could put laptop memory into a desktop? No? Let’s do it anyway. What could go wrong?

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23 Replies to “Installing Laptop RAM into Desktop!?”

  1. Drake Taylor says:

    used laptop ram is a lot cheaper than used desktop ram right now

  2. What does STD mean? 🤔

  3. Deaft_shot says:

    good for me cus i got loads of broken laptops

  4. these adaptors have been around for decades, converting 30 pin to 72 pin etc 72 to 168 pin the technology has improved yet the need has stayed the same

  5. Goony Lad says:

    Another episode of, why the hell would you buy this?

  6. Just install ram it’s not hard

  7. UVCHR says:

    PC:this is Our ram

  8. Evan Romeu says:

    Linus, That chip that’s on the adapter is an eeprom, that’s where it is getting the info.

  9. Based Jake says:

    Hearing "DIMM' as many times as I did gave me Doug Dimmadome PTSD

  10. Sloth Ham says:

    i have one question: why

  11. Plake Plays says:

    before I built my first PC i had a laptop with 4gb of ram so i upgraded to 8gb with a stick and i was amazed about how big it was then when i built my first desktop (over $1000) i was amazed about how big stuff actually is I mean everything looks small on camera and looks super big in person

  12. Phille says:

    My PC's ssd is a laptop because it handles temperature better. But with my new PC is useless 🤣

  13. Linus looks like the sham-wow guy in the thumbnail

  14. Reverse Card says:

    I just searched for this cuz I found a dead gaming laptop in the trashcan with a good 32 ram

  15. bruh bruh says:

    Did anyone else notice std on the adapter in the thumbnail before anything else

  16. Ali Sher says:

    Why install ram just download it.

  17. Meya Tetana says:

    but why? Laptops are the shrinkiing of old technology, Desk top will always be the newest technology. Why would you bottleneck your system like that?

  18. Max Morgan says:

    I recently, accidentally bought laptop ram for my desktop. Should I buy an adapter or sell them and buy new DIMM:s?

  19. Genuine Rage says:

    Why would you want to do this.. why

  20. Christ Ang says:

    Can anyone confirm this is safe & not potentially making the PC crash,