Intel’s Coolest CPU EVER… Thanks to AMD!

April 18, 2018 by 27 Comments

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We never thought we’d see the day, but Intel and AMD are working together, and it’s kinda freaking awesome…

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27 Replies to “Intel’s Coolest CPU EVER… Thanks to AMD!”

  1. NIB says:

    If it is capale of runing vr I would strap this pc direcli on the back of the headset, so that it acts as a counterweight and as a "wireless transmitter".

  2. LOLMAN 9538 says:

    Intel: Hold my VRMs.

  3. RadoManCZ says:

    Hi, please is good model with Radein GH for video editing 4K in Adobe Premiere? Or y will recomend other small factor machine on ITX? Thanks for reply.

  4. AnSoviet says:

    Where can I buy it from?

  5. Red + blue = purple
    The lighting should have been purple

  6. Linus : you know what else is novel
    Me : coronavirus??

  7. BTW This is the best plex server ever. Just put a cheap 2/4 bay NAS near him and it'll blow ur mind. Tested and working 😀

  8. deminybs says:

    Lol 2 years ago, just yesterday seen Linus finally get to maybe acceptable performance in VR 😂😂

  9. PYXEL says:

    700 dollars my ass even the slower model for some reasoj is over 1300 now… 2 years later….

  10. Tranq_ says:

    When you can afford the Haydes Canyon but you can’t afford a Harry Potter book with a cover

  11. WILD CRACKS says:

    Also, the "Vega M Graphics" are Polaris. Yeah, WHAT?

  12. Hey 2020 peeps. Remember when Linus looked like he was 15 because he shaved and had timely haircuts?

  13. ProfessorJ says:

    The segway should've been:
    You know what else is novel? Novelkeys,

  14. I love it. I just wished AMD had something that looked as good. The A300 from asrock just doesn't look nearly as cool.

  15. ALeX Z says:

    Why is this hard to make when we have laptops?

  16. ah yes, Hairless Planter, the 7 part J.K. Rowling novel that I know and love.

  17. What is that game it is running at 7:44? Or is it just a visual demo?

  18. Every time I look at stuff like this I remember companies can work together. “Cough” “nvidia and apple”. It also reminds me what the surface studio could be if engineered properly

  19. Tranq_ says:

    This is proof that even the worst of enemies can get along for the sake of monetary profit.

  20. How many things are sold separately?

  21. Peachie Keen says:

    Just get a small laptop for same price and display and storage are included.

  22. Rigby says:

    OnLy If It RuNs FLiGhTsImULaTOr

  23. I’ve had mine for a year and 😍 love it

  24. I thought it was a wifi router

  25. MarshArrow says:

    Why couldn’t the Mac mini do this

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