Minecraft 10 Mods You NEED To Have (2018)

April 1, 2018 by 21 Comments

While these 10 mods don’t necessarily add entirely new features, they do enhance the vanilla game. Installing these mods will enhance your Minecraft experience, no matter how you play. If you enjoy the video, be sure to leave a comment, like, and subscribe!



1 (Optifine) –

2 (Gammabright) –

3 (Inventory Tweaks) –

4 (Streams) –

5 (Fast Leaf Decay) –

6 (Dynamic Surroundings) –

7 (Just Enough Items) –

8 (JourneyMap) –

9 (Better Foliage) –

10 (World Edit) –


Minecraft Forge –


(Happy Life) –


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21 Replies to “Minecraft 10 Mods You NEED To Have (2018)”

  1. Panetta Cade says:

    I only downloaded the i like to call it: HD Minecraft

  2. I thought it was the first of April.

  3. Ichengo says:

    BetterFoliage doesn't seem to work for me, didn't test if it was a mod compatibility problem or if my computer just doesn't like it

  4. NotABot 8436 says:

    Anyone remember NotEnoughItems?

  5. I cannot download it

  6. Hat Guy says:

    His old suit…

  7. Zoom says:

    What’s that mod that usually goes on the bottom right and shows like footsteps. Idk if it’s a mod

  8. Captain Rick says:

    Video: Top ten mods you NEED to have
    Sound Physics mod: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Hes the best modshowcaser

    And you should watch boodleyneck
    He does mod showcase too 😀😀😀

  10. Krisztian 08 says:

    If you don't have Optifine

  11. SlimiSlime says:

    AsianHalfSquat: This mod is helpful for people that Don't pay attention to where you're putting things.

    Me: Looks both ways and shift-clicks items into chest

  12. Turtles says:

    jei needs to make it so i can craft in 1.7.10!!

  13. Blood e r says:

    Me watching this in 2020 seeing that he has a normal backgrond: wait, thats illegal

  14. this man needs a patron

  15. Anxrchy🖤 says:

    Can we plz get bedrock mods

  16. We gaming says:

    I am jealous I can’t download mods

  17. I'm on Android but I don't know how to install the mods and the mods I want are the that are the best😥😥😥

  18. game over says:

    better foliage not working on 1.12.2 when i start my minecraft instantly crashed help me pls

  19. Ech0_Yeetza says:

    Me:installs optifine and suroundings

    My Game:Hey Hey HEY no get that out of here
    Also Game:Oh you istalled 57 different mods ok