BIG BRONZE BAR MADE FROM SCRAP – Melting Copper & Aluminium together to make an Aluminium Bronze Bar

I had a pile of scrap pieces and decided to turn them into something beautiful . From scrap crap to a big shiny Aluminium Bronze Bar. And why do they call it Aluminium Bronze when there is only 11% Aluminium in the bar, It should be called Copper Bronze i recon.
I have a PO box address below incase anyone wants to send anything from some hate mail or big piles of cash😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia

BIG BRONZE BAR MADE FROM SCRAP – Mixing Copper & Aluminium to make an Aluminium Bronze Bar


43 Replies to “BIG BRONZE BAR MADE FROM SCRAP – Melting Copper & Aluminium together to make an Aluminium Bronze Bar”

  1. 10:48 I wonder how much all of that is worth…

  2. where do u get all the metal casting apparatus?

  3. Cody Wright says:

    Where do you find the blocks of ice like that man

  4. Did you actually burn the money?

  5. SIT AND PLAY says:


  6. Karan Vito says:

    Hey brother, why don’t you make a mold for dogtags and then inscribe custom messages on it and sell for like $10 each? You could make like $500 from a kilo.

    Anyways i am sure you love what you do. Have a great day my man

  7. A X D says:

    لماذا تقوم بحرق المال😤

  8. Kyle Wallace says:

    I think the best part of the video is watching you put what ever you make in your stash

  9. Lazsas says:

    Tbh I hope more people sub to this guy Bc he makes some good content

  10. Great one, lad. Even mixing molten copper, aluminum, brass, tin and zinc is great making realistic fools gold.

  11. Hey mate, you do some awesome quality work. I don't know if you're interested in making some parts for different things, or just like stacking metal. What's your goal for all this metal? Are you a local recycler that just ends up with this extra material left over that you didn't resell? It probably doesn't remain cost effective to sell these bars and such after you invest the gas in melting them.

  12. Mimus says:

    One Question why people dislike this videos I find them satisfiying.

  13. Tyler Steele says:

    What the point of burning American money?

  14. al you min e uuuhm…..not alooo minumm……just like herb has a h in the word…just for any Americans reading this who don't know how to speak the English language..

  15. sCRAP 😂😂😂

  16. Rev Hard says:

    I'd like to see you do a skull using the lost foam method

  17. You know that there is kids out there that could use the 100 dollar's for food and u burn it but if u could send it to places and people that could use it would be better then burning it but love thw videos

  18. Will Linke says:

    Wow hundred dollar i.d.g.a.f. haha cheers 🙂

  19. 😇😎🎯stamp it before it cools down🤝🤝🤝💪💪💪

  20. Big, for begginers like myself y dont you make a video on how you regulate the regulator, how much to open the propane when to keep the shutoff valve? Halfway, a quarter of the way or fully open.
    Also, there are different settings to melt different metal im guessing. Meaning copper should be fead more gas? Im just guessing cause i have no clue but if you go over those important points it will help a few people out tremendously. You are BIG DADDY!!! LOL

  21. You need your own TV show on Discovery

  22. Boyd Herter says:

    Hey bud bigskacked fan here I been ripping bars pretty steady in the snowy north lately but was really curious why you you add the aluminum/aluminium right away at the same time I'm guessing a lot of that burns off into dross by the time ya get to 1100ish Celsius?

  23. Anthony loyd says:

    Like your videos cool

  24. Amar Masz says:

    woww…i love that sir…the big brass ingot… thanks sir ..u give me inspiration to make own mould…

  25. Andrey M. says:

    Like for starting fire by $100 bill😀

  26. Top tip: whenever you hook up a gas bottle turn on the gas, spray a little soapy water in the connection and wait a moment. Bubbles = a leak. 👍

  27. Tduncan 99 says:

    Dude give me that money!! lol

  28. Gregory Krug says:

    Doesn't the aluminum foil throw off the ratio?

  29. Sebastián says:

    Hola amigo, que pasa si yo hago una aleación de 80% cobre y 20% de aluminio?
    Y que pasaría si hago una de 60% cobre y 40% aluminio, se puede hacer o las piezas saldrían mal o quebradizas?

    Ayúdame por favor quiero hacer una pequeña piezaa de este hermoso metal y soy tu fan!

  30. ar ble says:

    Just found your channel today, enjoying the content. Something really satisfying about seeing the bars come out of the mold. Cheers.

  31. Hulk Gaming says:

    Matey, Love you Very Much, May God bless you with more❣️

  32. CAESAR ABBAS says:

    here to win giveaway

  33. Cody Garcia says:

    Will commenting on all 250+ vids get me a solid chance in the giveaway? I love your videos 😁😎. Ingot is my favorite pupper on the tubes!

  34. Great show how much do you have now in value ? your almost at a ton !

  35. This mold is the best!!! Exspecially because it's homemade… This show your great skills

  36. Dan Theman says:

    Very nice video. Was thinking that mold was made from the material you mentioned. I know where I can get some and try and make one as well. Thanks again. #BigstackD

  37. I love your videos.

  38. YES! Got it now for your steel moulds! Was wondering now for a while if they were custom. Not only custom, but HOME-MADE-CUSTOM-DIY on top of that. Love it, gonna replicate!

  39. Draven Giles says:

    Can anyone tell me if you have to use a flux or not everytime you pour copper???