Dynapoint GameStar: 1993 NES to PC Keyboard Adapter

May 7, 2018 by 27 Comments

Well this is a bit odd: a programmable adapter box that converts Nintendo Entertainment System gamepads to a 5-pin AT connection! So you can use NES controllers through a PC keyboard port.

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27 Replies to “Dynapoint GameStar: 1993 NES to PC Keyboard Adapter”

  1. LGR says:

    For anyone interested, here's a disk image of the software that this thing came with:

  2. SkaMasta097 says:

    Who else remembers the Gravis Gamepad? It was another early 1990s PC game controller that looks similar to the Super Nintendo controller. It was advertised in the Jazz Jackrabbit game played in this video, and the game even had Gravis Gamepads as powerups.

  3. Jerm Stone says:

    So I have an old Gamemon Universal USB Connector (model number FT8D91) and I have had it since '06-'07. It supports GameCube, Xbox and PS1/PS2 controllers and has two additional USB 1.X ports as well. Still using it to this day. 😀

  4. I was thinking that select being right there seems useful Super Metroid but then I remembered that we're looking at a NES controller

  5. ShoeUnited says:

    There were a few controllers in those days that had an optional nub if you wanted an arcade stick. Even some of the early MadCatz and Sidewinder controllers had that setup.

  6. AverageDoggo says:

    Looks way more like Genesis
    Kind of frustrating tbh

  7. 11:43 Is that Hill Top Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

  8. I spent $35.99 before tax at CompUSA in 1994 for one of these.

  9. It's a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 6 button clone controler with a NES controler plug wired to it. It looks like they bought some 3rd party ko Famicom controllers in bulk to pack in. The Z & C being mapped as turbo on the board is common the x and y are the start input and the stock start is removed. Sometimes the clones use SNES clone controllers mapping C & D as turbo.

  10. Dan Loosen says:

    I had a case or two of these I think! They came from Capcom Pinball. I think I still have 10 to 15 of them!

  11. Nis 3r says:

    "over to a PC" I think you mean "Over to the PC's" :p
    Thanks for another great vid! 😀

  12. kumardev316 says:

    you should see if any of these old accessories and softwares still supported on windows 10

  13. Nesticle would be fun with this.

  14. May Sparkle says:

    All things considered, this is a surprisingly modern little device, both in the sense that it's a fully mappable PC controller which wasn't very common back in the day, and that it functions as a console controller adapter, which you can nowadays get for pretty much every console controller ever made, of course now they use USB.

  15. Now we just need to see a Dualshock 4 hooked up to an 8BitDo wireless adapter hooked up to this. Truly would be a sight to behold lmao.

  16. Richard Snow says:

    I don't know why but I seem to remember having this in the house when I was 6 lol it was hooked up to the IBM PC at home

  17. Joe says:

    oddly enough that start and select button placement could be useful if you wanted a 4 button controller, sometimes the NES used the Start and select buttons for actions and it was a pain

  18. cameron398 says:

    Wow…Jill of the Jungle, I haven't seen that in decades. Great video.

  19. When watching your channel I remember Baltmatrix Channel, but he is reviewing toys😂

  20. the hevy says:

    That whole "use an Xbox controller to play on steam" thing is older than I thought

  21. does the dynapoint work when plugged into an nes controller port?

  22. I’m 2 years late to the party!! But I’ve just found an advert for this very controller in a UK ‘Special Reserve’ catalogue from July 1995. It was available for the princely sum of £25.99

  23. "I just peed in duke nukem 3d using an NES controller" /r/newsentence

  24. I think this might've also been made for the Sega Genesis under the name Owlpad? It looks ultra similar to me.

  25. Weege64 says:

    that is the Xpader of that era