EPIC TUG-OF-WAR! Military 4×4 Humvee vs. Tank Tread Sno-Cat

Place your Bets! Mitchell’s Hummer or Craigs Sno-Cat?

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I wasn’t sure how this tug of war would go. The Humvee has much more horsepower and a big 6.5 L Diesel Engine, but the sno-cat has extreme traction with those tank treads.

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47 Replies to “EPIC TUG-OF-WAR! Military 4×4 Humvee vs. Tank Tread Sno-Cat”

  1. Brian Romero says:

    Sick 240 in the background

  2. Chevy Camaro says:

    wow do i see S-Chassis everywhere. 😁
    must have a car guy Neighbor.

  3. Jeff Murphy says:

    If the snow cat started pulling before the Hum dug a hole it would have won. I still call it a win cause he backed up with the Hum spinning and then tugged him back in the hole.

  4. i thought it said thug of war DX

  5. o k says:

    “What is this thing”

  6. Hey, I have family in clearfield, Utah. I was in salt lake and Ogden

  7. Matt Haas says:

    That 240sx vert in the back tho

  8. Matt Haas says:

    And the weird amount of 240 coupes where are you guys

  9. Clapxy says:

    Wait he live in Utah

  10. I live in Utah tooooo

  11. Eric Hansen says:

    I honestly thought the Sno-Cat would walk away with it, on traction alone. I've driven tens of thousands of miles in HMMWVs, but tracks > tires any day. I guess the Sno-Cat must not weigh very much? Now it's nearly July, have you got to the bit where driving it around makes your feet feel like they're literally on fire?

  12. You guys should get some carbon nano tubes to try to cut with the water jet

  13. ching chong says:

    Lol he says vehicle like "veHICLE"

  14. GOD3000 says:

    hey why don't you try this challenge in snow and you will find out who wins

  15. srtviper 650 says:

    Anyone else notice that s13 in the background :)?

  16. Mitchell : "I don't wanna lick the crack."

  17. What about Thanos Car

  18. antsolja says:

    whos s13 silvia is that?

  19. Jeremy Glass says:

    I was happy to see those 240's in the background, they look good!

  20. Joel Lyons says:

    Screw the hummer is that a 240 vert i see

  21. Kogy Kun says:

    The real winner is that authentic lick

  22. I think the humvee won just because it stood up to that huge thing

  23. Justin says:

    I’d say the Humvee won. It looked like it actually moved forward a little, plus it dug bigger holes (which obviously matters).

  24. Cody Long says:

    Humvee for sure.

  25. Bobe Rocks says:


  26. David Duffy says:

    Tragically have watched every vid you featured in your roundup,I need to develop an interest or hobby!

  27. bryce kresho says:

    Can you drive that thing on the road

  28. Coda Chimko says:

    I'm more curious about the vert 240 in the background

  29. Coda Chimko says:

    Wait there's a ton of 240's what the hell

  30. Nick E says:

    Id say you need those in the Winter in Utah

  31. Sean DePoppe says:

    How much for a full panel? I'm not hot but my wife is😎

  32. You guys make me laugh obviousley talanted workers aith a sense of humour and one awsome boss craig should have his own youtube

  33. That sno-cat looks reeeally cool

  34. Thank God for Boyce equipment, they keep our 1967 M35A running tip top, we use it for a farm rig, absolutely love the multifuel.

  35. Danny Pentz says:

    Holy cow are guys really in ogden I live in morgan utah if I new you were that close I would come buy some knife blanks

  36. You need to redo this video after the snow cat gets the LS

  37. Hummers are not humvees. Hummer are what idiots buy. Humvees are military vehicles. and for men.

  38. Elias Dahme says:

    i saw a 240 sx in the background

  39. its been over two years now. wheres my face on the HMMV?