Extremely SMALL Auto Tree Farm! (only 5 blocks) | Minecraft

May 17, 2018 by 41 Comments

I designed a extremely small automatic tree farm using only 5 blocks. It uses many cool game mechanics to work. Works in survival and even on hard. This wither cage is best used by removing the wither before unloading. Currently withers in 1.13 are broken so we have to wait to see if they get fixed. Enjoy! Post in comments*

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g9tsunud9a860rn/smallautotreefarm+WDL.zip

Ways to break bedrock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJQye0R095Y&list=PL-5egZTw99_6lSPEtMX8XMes3A_ZlOPnf
Quad core oak tree farm with withers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqientLyMs8

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41 Replies to “Extremely SMALL Auto Tree Farm! (only 5 blocks) | Minecraft”

  1. kikawet says:

    can you put the chiken in sugar cane to have an extremely slow sugar cane farm?

  2. Here I thought that withers would be all kinds of broken in the coming snapshots, but here you are, spreading hope!

  3. JustVince says:

    It's the smallest tree farm i've seen in vanilla minecraft

  4. Notnot Kirda says:

    If you build this "farm" you :
    1. Waste Tons of bonemeal
    2. cant afk longer than 64 trees
    3. Have fucking withers flying around killing you

  5. Soo it's not automatic… If it was, you wouldn't have to do anything. Still cool though.

  6. HalfInt says:

    The part where you have to be further from the Wither than the chicken when relogging might be a problem on instable servers or internet connections. Any idea how we could place and bonemeal the sapling from lower down?

  7. Yis Pinto says:

    I'm NOT your hater

  8. Yis Pinto says:

    It was invaded all it's life, but now it runs WILD!

  9. Oreo Lamp says:

    Sorry, but that withercage is unsafe. It does not work 100% reliably. You cannot reload the wither without having a chance of breaking the cage.

  10. IronAgate says:

    Too bad im too lazy to get wither skulls…

  11. Undeemiss says:

    Withers are something you're scared of not because you think it's unsafe to use them, but simply because you're terrified you'll do something wrong and destroy all of your creations.

  12. ORANGE ! says:

    Is it for 1.8 servers too?!

  13. Default says:

    U deserve to play om the hermitcraft server i think

  14. Im wondering if there is away to use the wither on skyblock when claim explosions are disabled and you only have 1 bedrock block
    Can it still destroy the blocks that are pushed or grown i side his hitbox?

  15. HenryRide says:

    A follow up video would be nice with leaf breakers and a collection system etc.

  16. xokhayl mc says:

    Pretty interesting ideas as always, and I've learnt a handful of new things, thanks !!

  17. Just Vlad says:

    but, here is the problem, how to get bderock in survival, IMPOSSIBLE

  18. J S says:

    I like how he destroys all the blocks that can be used, I just think it’s randomly funny XD

  19. ben3847 says:

    how do you align the chicken in survival?

  20. Sysel says:

    Very cool! <3

  21. This was genius! Congrats Ray!

  22. Xcom6000 says:

    Have any coder looked into why the withers sometimes escape there cages? It sounds like a floating error that could be fixed, similar to MC-2025

  23. dude. you're insanely smart i love it. thanks for this, again increadible video.

  24. Birmioh says:

    Omg xD
    We can't do better!
    Can i make a french tutorial?

  25. parwes says:

    secretly Ray also is a wither, you need atleast 3 heads to make this sorta stuff

  26. Yis Pinto says:

    keep the X when u rea<log>

  27. Labeur Jahe says:

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.

  28. Wouldn't encasing the chicken with blocks be safer? I mean, extra safety is always good. Or do I miss something and the chicken HAS to be placed like this?

  29. Manrock1 says:

    Does this work in 1.13.1?

  30. Cireael says:

    Aim going to upgrade it

  31. Near Void says:

    You clever, clever man

  32. If it's only 5 blocks then why does it use the wither? You need 4 soul sand and 3 wither skulls.

  33. It destroyed my world uhhhh can u make a better design please

  34. But I still like ur vids

  35. Zirizo says:

    Can u change the bedrock to obsidian?

  36. Amit Keren says:

    It's not working…. help?

  37. infra 84 says:

    Chicken: WTF are you doing with me bro?

  38. Does still works at 1.15.2?

  39. So useless bro first the wizard is not easy to spawn second where am I going to get the bed rock third how am I gonnu place the wizard where u want it

  40. Doesn't seem to work in 1.16