Find Employee Accounts with Password Breaches Using Maltego [Tutorial]

May 15, 2018 by 48 Comments

How to Target a Company’s Weakest Link Using Maltego
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 015

Using a database full of account breaches for websites such as Yahoo and LinkedIn, hackers can then use Maltego and Have I Been Pwned? to locate breached accounts that use company email addresses. This, in turn, could give the hacker access to the company email address itself if the user had reused a password on the breached site.

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48 Replies to “Find Employee Accounts with Password Breaches Using Maltego [Tutorial]”

  1. Bruno says:

    Amazing video!!!

  2. ilias s says:

    Very interesting video. Would it also be possible to find information about your own personal email? Like hotmail or something and see if you were part of a breach?

  3. Sriram VAD says:

    Everytime I say to myself the more information you acquire the more you crave it. its fascinating how even though I was learning hacking for the past 5 years but still everytime I manage to find sometjing new in everything …thanks a lot for making a space for quality learning

  4. Battle Laugh says:

    Sorry but both pastebin and breached accounts are paid version since i have the community version(the one given in Kali Linux 2018.2) and there is no such thing

  5. lynxtouch says:

    I keep receiving an error that goes like: 599 unknown API key server problem. Do you have any idea why this is occurring and how to fix it?

  6. can u give license key

  7. Does this work with raspberry pi

  8. Lexo 333 says:

    ******""""""""Is there a way to by-pass Facebook checkpoint? Reply me please****""""""""""

  9. Lexo 333 says:

    ✓✓✓✓I'm blocked on Facebook checkpoint✓✓✓✓

  10. nice tuto.. but where to find passwors of e-mail that been pawned?

  11. mastaskep says:

    A lot of large companies use SAML to connect to other businesses, will this information really be useful in that case?

  12. Evan Arnold says:

    good stuff man. i like the attention to detail in your videos.

  13. Lars Delver says:

    You guys deserve way more credit

  14. Sok Samnang says:

    At the end of the day, I still cannot gathering data because of the version of software.

  15. FoVic says:

    Can you make a video on how to crack social media accounts like Instagram with brute force

  16. Do you add the email filters just by clicking on it? I see the output below but can't see a list/group of all those I've enabled

  17. Sales people open everything.

  18. Very well designed and illustrated..!

  19. Mark Maroon says:

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  20. Stefan Rosu says:

    Hey what’s your laptop?

  21. Maaki Chu says:

    @Null Byte , i was trying to do the process step by step, but as you have got plenty of queries in your 'To Email addresses[ using search engine] , and I am getting 0 entities. What can be the reason for that?

  22. Code Chapter says:

    love the music keep it up!!!

  23. John Turner says:

    Awesome tutorial man. Although you should let me people know this really isn't CE compatible. I noticed that your running eval and trying it on CE of maltego I couldn't do some of the stuff. If you did say something and I missed it my apologies

  24. Blu3B0t says:

    Hack the Planet ! Thanks Kody !

  25. Zihad says:

    Almost all of the comments get love reaction, wow!

  26. Can you give us a video on facebook information gathering and hacking it……..

  27. Agony Mouse says:

    Awesome video, keep up the good work 😉

  28. Mukul Raghav says:

    sochko apni choone de ambar jaha hwa mai ek patang ud rahi ho
    tu badle to hee badle zamana orose pehle khud ko ye samjhana

  29. Norbert says:

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  30. Norbert says:

    NEED HELP LIKE I DID IN GETTING INFORMATION??? no matter the LOCATION???? then contact Matty via or click on  for SUCH SERVICES✅✅✅✅

  31. Simone says:

    Hi Kody, do you have a video on getting implants shut down or stop breaching? Tophacker Kevin Mitnick says its impossible to safe your computer/laptop/newtork. Love to hear your info and take on this issue. thank you. simone

  32. Ray Daley says:

    I would love to learn from you. Any chance i can become your apprentice? You are extremely knowledgeable about your field.

  33. asd asd says:

    Can you explain how crack works for Maltego tool ??

  34. I don't 'understand why, but if i run the first transformation "To Emails @domain" nothing return 0 entries. can someone help me?

  35. Ramses Ramos says:

    I love your cats!

  36. Trax . says:

    But how you get the passwords

  37. Shafiro says:

    cuando quieras quedamos cariño OwO

  38. Epic video. I (ethically) found my school superintendent was in a breach of their geo location, phone number, surnames, and social media accounts. Keep up the great work.

  39. Hi man you are best hacker thanks for free tuch video

  40. Upt Group says:

    paid or free version?

  41. Flushhed says:

    tried this, apparently no searches work using bing without the paid version

  42. Is there a next part to this? Anything more to do to actually find the passwords?

  43. How do I collaborate with you?

  44. Cecil Kimaro says:

    Where do you find the advance of Maltego clip? This is fascinating!!

  45. ShakeAndBake says:

    Anyone know the background music for this video? Great vid btw