HP iPAQ RX1955: The 2005 Windows Pocket PC Experience

May 11, 2018 by 40 Comments

Revisiting my first PDA that I bought in my college days! Word processing, MP3 and WMV playback, and internet access over wi-fi all in one handheld device, wooow. And hey, it’s not a bad gaming device either.

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All Is Good Again 2, Relaxation Station

● Here’s a download for the RX1950-series CD:


40 Replies to “HP iPAQ RX1955: The 2005 Windows Pocket PC Experience”

  1. LGR says:

    If anyone needs the RX1950-series software disc, here's an archive for ya:

  2. praystation says:

    2005? That's quite lame. I had htc tytn in 2005.

  3. you think playing mario on that is bad than use a calculator

  4. hj3 s says:

    sooo many memories i had this phone when i was 11

  5. Digi Draw says:

    I don't know that at the time I born there are such cool gadgets.
    I really want to use this gadgets.

  6. My uncle had something like this and I had pretty good memory playing insaniquarium and rom games on it

  7. Yobama says:

    didnt this have a version of halp

  8. Aaron Wanker says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot that Apple didn't come up w/ the "i" prefix for their devices.

    Also, that's an RX1950. According to the box anyway.

  9. Lucky Fix says:

    damn my father still keep this old POCKET PC And The Box is so big than nowaday phone box it's like a printer box xD And it is Still Running Windows XP I Love the 90s And 2005 Phone Design

  10. I had an iPAQ RX1955 as a kid, it was a pretty cool novelty to have a "computer in your pocket" at the time. Had it for a number of years.
    The eventual fate of it was when I folded it completely in half to vent my anger when I was having a bad day. Definitely a waste, but I also don't particularly regret getting rid of it.

  11. TinCanTap says:

    thank you for confirming that the weird sd card in the school computers is to prevent dust

  12. TinCanTap says:

    this is the kind of thing i would buy today

  13. what windows does that cell phone have

  14. I rememver my old phone got 10mb storage

  15. 3:51 What phone model, please.

  16. TG5455 says:

    Wow, young LGR must have been listening to Staind Break The Cycle too much by the grudge look on his face. LGR nowadays looks happy and wonderful.

  17. Omfg I remember wanting one so bad but they were unrealistically expensive for a kid to ask for when he already had a ps2, a gba and a ds.

  18. The Oofman says:

    Me in 2004 jetix and ipaq

  19. Lama says:

    And in 2020 NO MORE charger in the boxes

  20. chris philip says:

    LGR… are there PDAs being sold today?(please reply to me!)

  21. does it have a camera?

  22. Retro Cysper says:

    13:27 Then use your phone that has Mobile Data Internet Service and use it's Mobile Hotspot.

    Problem Solved🤷‍♂️

  23. BobRooney says:

    its not the last piece of crap that HP released. Anyone remember the HP touchpad with WebOS? yes, mine still works, because of the incredible work of the hacking community that was able to get Android on it. 720p youtube and local storage mkv videos work perfectly fine on it.

  24. Everett says:

    Im very sad at 5:19 the middle clip didnt seat 🙁

  25. Maxi Mal says:

    I had a PDA myself… They were quite useless… 😀

  26. Will Man says:

    I have a fake SD card slot protector on the laptop I'm using right now. Nothing wrong or weird or funny about that.

  27. Apple was ok with someone else calling their device an "i(something)" back in the day and that's so weird

  28. Blavood says:

    My mom got one for Christmas she had zero use for it so 11 year old me had a freaking FIELD DAY with this thing. Loaded a custom FFX theme on it, looked sick. I'd use it as a multimedia player and kids would just crowd around watching a show at after school care. I was like a space man from the future. Then 5 years later every kid was playing GBA roms on their iTouch. Insane how quickly PC tech progressed

  29. Ivan Zubov says:

    I started using pocket pc like 20 years ago, well before smartphone addiction became mainstream

  30. This is the PDA from Doom 3

  31. The pda made in 1955

  32. A headphone jack, an SD-card slot, a stylus… way better than an iPhone if you ask me

  33. I have this beast. Thought it would replace my laptop.. oh man.

  34. I never ever saw this thing in my whole life..I was a baby when it invented

  35. please, help with link of software and games for ipaq devices

  36. Where did you find one of these and do you think ebay has a good condition of this

  37. Me: once I had this…
    LGR: nice jokes….

  38. Seeing MSN always makes me feel old.