Install Kali Linux on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store (Windows Subsystem for Linux) [Tutorial]

May 14, 2018 by 25 Comments

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How to Run Kali as a Windows Subsystem for Linux
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 014

Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a great way to utilize Kali on your Windows computer without the need for a virtual machine. However, it is slightly limited right to what you can do, since security restrictions prevent the use of raw sockets, so tools like Nmap won’t work and you won’t be able to set your Wi-Fi adapter into promiscuous mode (or monitor mode).

To help get raw sockets into Microsoft’s priority list, make sure to let them know how many people want this on this GitHub issue:

To learn more, check out the article:

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25 Replies to “Install Kali Linux on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store (Windows Subsystem for Linux) [Tutorial]”

  1. Does the method work on windows 10 32 bit

  2. i need help i launched it and it says desktop root or sumthing and i did not mae a username or password yet and says im missing files

  3. @ Null Byte My question is using Kali Linux on windows is way more secure for pentesting or using another tools?? Great & keep going

  4. anmol verma says:

    can't find exclusions

  5. Jurek says:

    Can I do it on widows 7?

  6. asylumDAYS says:

    I didnt got it, this cant work in 100% at all ?

  7. after installation can i logeed winhdows again

  8. Shrek2.0 says:

    so what do you do with this application??

  9. i’m just stuck on oooooooooooooooo

  10. Cyborg says:

    for those new comers now you can use kali linux with GUI without using virtual machines
    just check out network chuck channel

  11. BIPIN kumar says:

    I installed kali using this video i encountered a problem that it is showing this when i try to install wireshark "the follwing packages have unmet dependencies :
    wireshark: depends
    " how to solve these problem

  12. sparsh kumar says:

    thankyou so muchhhhhh

  13. shado says:

    the first command isn' t working : Enable … isn' t specify what can i do ?

  14. MUSTA GAMER says:

    how open kali l… ?

  15. Aman Saxena says:

    my micro soft store was not working

  16. rohit gupta says:

    bro my kali linux installer is can't able to detect my ssd in partioioner…pls help me out bro

  17. zZzDanny7 says:

    idk why but i'm trying to find my kali linux folder and its not working
    can u help me?

  18. Papi YT 3 says:

    i cant find the file i put in my correct user name it wont let me please help

  19. New G Tech says:

    Does this method reduces our RAM like the dual boot or virtual box?
    Someone plz reply

  20. it says registerdistribution what do i do

  21. Astriodia says:

    People in the comments thinking the owner is gonna respond to them.

  22. Eric Cartman says:

    bruh… literally gives me a shitty error right on launch…. why do i even waste my time hell i have 3 damn kali USBs ion even need that crap

  23. canUsee says:


    I tried copy pasting and it and i also changed the 'username' thing,
    but it the folder is still not showing up
    I also waited for file explorer to update

    pls help

  24. Daniel 2020 says:

    What's the difference between running it off the app rather than a VM?

  25. canUsee says:

    how do you connect pycharm/vs code to kali linux?

    pls help